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my fave singers

No description

laura dowdy

on 25 February 2016

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Transcript of my fave singers

my fave songs
my fave singers
my friends are Angel, Rylee, Monica, Sammy, Meagan, jorden, and Analisse.
random picture of a group of friends
all about dilynda
my favorite colors are purple, pink, black, green, yellow, orange, and red
the flute
in band i play the flute and it is fun even though i am the only flute in the fifth grade band and it is also my fave instrument
baby jaylean
family this is some of my family i couldn't find a picture that looked like my mom and dad but i could find this
my fave singers are Kesha, Pitt bull, ludacris, Justin beiber, usher, and Katy perry.
some of my fave songs are yeah, sorry, what do you mean, trap Queen (which is my fave song ever), hit the quan, my house
my fave movies are fast and the furious , pirates of the carabian, pan, and hook
the fast and furious
my hobbies are softball, basketball, climbing things, Mine craft, swimming, and running.
my fave foods are chicken, steak, candy, dorritos, lays, BBQ ribs, chicken sandwich, chicken nuggets, ice cream, girl scout coookies, and cookies
thank you
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