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Michael Jordan

No description

Omar Alothman

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Michael Jordan

Honors and awards Second three peat First Three Peat At the beginning “I ‘m back”

Said a loss of desire to play the game. First retirement
First year: 1984-1985
All Star Game
Rookie of the Year
He was average 28,2 points per game.
Improve all the team. Michael as a Rookie The best basketball player Michael Jordan 1963 1984 Born: 17 of February, 1963 in Brooklyn New York The Jordan's move to Wellington, North Carolina University of North Carolina 1981 1982 NCAA Champion Won the Player of the Year Nick names:
"His Royal Airness"
"MJ" 1st Championship
Season 1990-1991 Season 1991-1992 Season 1992-1993 And the Olympic Games Michael's Quotes Six-time NBA champion Five-time NBA MVP Two-time Olympic gold medalist 14-time All-Star Defensive Player of the Year Basketball Hall of Fame 20th century's greatest athlete On October 6, 1993, Jordan announced his retirement baseball career In the season 93-94 Chicago Bulls didn't have Michael Jordan Season 94-95 Jordan decided came back to the Bulls He trained to 95-96 season to win after 3 years... He won the 95-96
season's The dead of his dad Vocabulary It's like a say
Do not lie if you want any one to beleve you Outer Smart

That guy in intelligent, he finished the Math exam in 30 minutes. Intelligence inexperienced

The game was going well until I made that rookie mistake Rookie one whose worth brings respect or fame

These people deserve to be treated with honor. Honors
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