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toni jackson

on 21 May 2012

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LIVING LIFE AS TONI WHO AM I? Who am I? Toni Rochelle Jackson is who I happen to be.
Born an raised in the city of Montgomery,Al. My goal in life is to finish high school then graduate college to become a Forensic Scientist. Upon achieving this I would love to open my own funeral home. In order to obtain any of this i must first meet the requirements tO graduate high school and succeed to college. Before I was, there were... Before I became the wonderful person that I am today there were some others. There was my beautiful mother Mrs. Furlesia L. Jackson, my loving dad Tony L. Jackson, my crazy sister Taranisha M. Jackson, with whom I share a birthday, but she is two years older than I. There were also my grandparents: Elizabeth Jackson and Christine Mccord, Ed Jackson, Charlie Mccord S.R., and a long list of uncles ,aunts and cousins. Suddenly, I became me..... I was born on the summer morning of June 20th, 1994 at the Montgomery Regional Hospital.My parents,grandparnts and sister were waiting for me this day. She was a little mad though because it was her birthday and I wasn't the best gift and neither was she. We are two years, hours and days apart from each other. She later grew to love me. My father has to be the most important man that I ever met in life. He made sure that every Sunday we were at chuch and everyday we were fed. My dad showed me what real love from a man should be like. My dads mom showed me how to be a young lady. She made home cooked meals every Sunday. She made the best chicken casserole and pecan pie I ever had. My mother was different though. She made the foundation tuff fOr me. She helped me set my standards in life. She makes me think about things i never dream of doing. The most embarrassing thing that I hate about being me is the reason my parents named me Toni. There is also the story that they tell about my big head. But let's not tell those stories. The first school that I ever attended was Hayneville Rd. Elementary School. My favorite teachers were Mrs. Jacobs, Mrs. Cox, and Mrs. Anthony. I hated to go into Mrs. Anthony's class because she had the golden ruler. My cousin Sa'moria hated the golden ruler, but they grew to love each other. I was enrolled into the Quest Program from K-6. Back then I loved school because I had a reason to wake-up. Teachers then loved to teach their classes. SCHOOL BELLS..... MORE SCHOOL BELLS...... My second favorite School was probably Southlawn Elementary School. I only attended one year but it was the best year ever. This is the place I met all the kids I know now. My one and only best friend went there but later transferred to Troy, Al. I was promoted from Southlawn Elementary to Southlawn Middle. I had the wost three years of my life. I met two teachers that helped me along the way: Mr. Angion and Ms. D. Bryant. They were the only two teachers that inspired me to be someone special. Sadly they were the last good teachers that I had the chance to enjoy. After leaving Southlawn Middle i went to Carver S.r. High which I attend now. I GREW UP HERE... I grew up in southlawn Estates and I also had the pleasure of traveling with my granny Christine. We stayed in Ridgecrest, cypus Court, Regency Park, Lowdes County,and Hayneville all while staying at home in SOUthlawn with my parents. My ganny's house was my favorite spot to hang out. She was my role model and she taught me eveything I know now. I wouldnt trade her for anything. My favoite place of all though had to be on Delano. That's a street in Ridgecrest Community. I met all types of people and those who stay out there know what kind of people i'm speaking of. The saddest day I remember from there was when granny's house burned down whiles she was sleep and my four year old cousin was still inside with her. By the grace of God they both made it out alive though. Southlawn is okay but Delano was way better. HIDE AND SEEK..... When I was little we played all types of games. We played kick ball, baseball, pattycake,hide and seek, catch, police, mama and daddy with the little kids, tag and my favorite of all times dodgeball. I always cried at the end bacause I got hit in the stomach eveytime. We always played kick ball on Sunday at grandma Elizabeth's house. We could never stay in the house with the adults but with us being kids we made up all types of little fun games. MY BEST BoyFRIEND...... I never could really date in elementary school or junio high. But when I got to high school I decided to give it a try. I never loved anyone other than my dad. That's until I met my one and only Denzel M. Howard. We met my eleventh grade year in high school an we been together everysince. It was a little hard at first because it was my first attempt to ever love somebody that I never knew anything about. We are the best of friends and we can talk about anything. I knew he was the right one beacuse he reminded me of my dad and fitted in all the right places. He is very smart, he wants to be someone and he understands that there is more to life than sex and foodstamps. Although there are rough spots in our relationship at the end of the day it's still Toni and Denzel. I WISH I COULD SEE.... I wish I could see my grandma Elizabeth again. I wish I could get just a few more words of wisdom from here again. I wish I could show her all of my accomplishments that I have made. My granny being gone makes me feel empty sometimes. I miss Sunday dinner, helping around the house, eating pecan pies and chichen casserole and most of all I miss her. JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL.... My junioR high school years were all bad. My sixth grade teacher Mrs. Gabielle was punched in the eye. My seventh grade year was the year of fights. My eighth grade year I had to go to summer school for math. I just hated everything about those three years. I had only two good teachers. Junior high was my turning point in life. I had to make some tough decisions about the people that I knew for half my life. They all had to go. Southlawn Middle made me the persn that I have grown to be today as far as friends. LET'S GO TO THE MOVIES..... I love watching inspiring movies about life. I sometimes watch scarey mvies but not often. I rarely ever watch comedy. My favorite move has to be Space Jams. A few that i wouldn't mind watching againwound be: Men in Black, The Never Ending Story, O' Bother Where Art Thou, Diary of A Mad Black Woman, Woman Thou Art Loosed, and Sandlot. LET'S TAKE A TRIP.... My favorite trip of all times has to be when we went to Tennessee. My mom and dad planned a suprise trip Ruby Falls. We left early that morning around two o'clock. I was really sleepy. We stopped at Shoney's for beakfast and the beach along the way. My sister was homesick and we were still at home. We went underground and walked though a dark tunnel filled with lights and water where the water was falling out of the sky. It was so beautiful. HIGH SCHOOL......... I was super happy to get to high school for no apparent reason. It was okay at first but the futher I went the dumber it got. Some of my teachers were dumber than the students. I met two teachers that I did grow to like though. My nineth grade year I met Mrs. M. Summers. My tenth grade year I met Mr. Riggins. They both meant business and you either got it or you didn't. The main thing they made sure you knew is that what ever happen it was your fault. High school now is just like elementary school twelve years ago. The teachers show too much favortism and not enough love. I was raised that school is for education and not for friendship. I don't want to be my teachers friend if they are where i'm trying to go. It's their job to teach me what i need to know so that I can have a Masters or a Bachelors Degree. ATLAST I'M A SENIOR...... OMG!!!!!!! I am so happy that I am finally a senior in high school. I know now that i'm almost at my goal in life. I been through so much since I been in school. I'm about t be someones mother and now I can inspire her to be someone instead of a piece of eye candy. I will not lie and say that I am ready for life but now I know that i'm becoming that woman I was raised to be. I know now that I am an inspiration to someone else. I met so many people along the way that I have grown to love like my own. It took quite some time but I did it. I gained one true friend through it all who been by my side for my four toughest years. She is like a mother to me. Her name is Mrs.Deedee. I met her my nineth grade a she has been here every since.Now I plan to get ready for college. I have enrolled and been excepted into cllege already. Now all I have to do is stay focused. EPILOGUE: IF I COULD LIVE MY LIFE ALL OVER AGAIN, I WOULD...... If I could live my life over again I would use then what I know now. I would have all that I would need by now. Do I want to live my life over again? No, I"ve been through too much to start over. I love my life and I do believe that in life things happen for reasons. Most of the time you have to take the good with the bad and just keep on moving. My word of encouragement to you is:" NEVER LET ANYONE SAY YOU CAN'T WHEN YOU CAN, AND NEVER LET ANYONE SAY YOU WONT, PROVE YOU WILL.'' Most of all never let anyone make you feel unimportant and be your own motivation. THIS IS MY LOVING MOTHER NOT MY ACTUAL HOME LOL..
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