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Keely McCann

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of Shakespeare

Sarah Dzierzanowki
Keely McCann
Visha Carcamo
Jessica Sousa

Shakespeare cont.
Wrote 37 plays & 154 sonnets. Also acted in some of his own plays.
His plays were never published so none of the scripts are original work. They're all revised.
2nd most quoted writer in the English language.
Referred to as an Elizabethan writer. (Some argure he was a Jacobean writer)
Shakespeare's Plays
Shakespeare wrote three types of plays: History, Tragedy, and Comedy
Top 10 Famous Shakespeare plays:
Romeo & Juliet
Henry V
Midsummer's Nights Dream
Richard III
Julius Caesar
Twelfth Night
The Taming of the Shrew
None of Shakespeare's plays were ever published so no original manuscripts survived
Shakespeare's Life
Born April 1564 (Rumored he died on his birthday: April 23rd, 1616 at 52 yrs old)
Married Anne Hathaway at 18 yrs old. Had 3 children. His only son died at 11 yrs old from unknown causes.
The Plague
Also known as the "Black Death"
Easily contagious & fatal.
Caused by a bacterium called Yersinia Pestis. Fleas would bite infected animals such as rats. Fleas would bite person, then sickness went from person to person.
First outbreak: ship coming from Asia to London.
Killed millions before reaching Europe.
Theaters were shut down from 1592-1594 to avoid spread.
The Elizabethans (1497-1642)
Shakespeare's Plays cont.
The Importance of His Plays:
Because Shakespeare's plays are all so different there is something for everyone to relate to.
For example: forbidden love in Romeo & Juliet, ambition and corruption in Macbeth, manipulation and jealousy in Othello, gender uncertainty in Twelfth Night, and revenge in Hamlet
Shakespeare helped develop the English language
He created many new words
He influenced every generation of writers since his death
He still has a major impact on contemporary plays, movies, and poems
Christopher Marlowe
Only lived till 29 years old
Studied at Cambridge from 1580-1587
Rumored secret agent for Sir Francis Walsingham
After school moved to London and wrote full-time
Towards the end of his life he was arrested for atheism
the penalty of atheism was burning at the stake
instead he was released on the condition he report daily to an officer of the court
Murdered by Ingram Frizer
Stabbed in the eye and killled
Christopher Marlowe
All of his plays were known for their controversial topics
He pushed the limits with his writings
The Jew of Malta
Influenced Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice"
Barabas, main character in The Jew of Malta, is the main inspiration for Shakespeare's character Merchant
1st successful tragicomedy
Doctor Faustus
Influenced Shakespeare's "Macbeth"
Most famous play
Edward the Second
Influenced Shakespeare's "Richard II", "Henry IV", and "Henry V"
only play closely related to original manuscript
The Massacre at Paris
Events of Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre in 1572
least popular play because of the lack of lines for the actors and graphic action scenes
The Plague cont.
Symptoms: Chills, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, formation of buboes (swelling of lymph nodes)
After experiencing fever, death tends to follow 3-4 days.
The black spots are from blood vessels bursting inside the skin causing visible internal bleeding. Hints the nickname, "Black Death"
Lymphatic glands would swell until they would burst. Death follows soon after rupture.
No known cure back then due to lack of technology.
After 5 years, 25 million were dead. (1/3 of Europe). In total, the plague killed an estimated 75-200 million.
How Hamlet Became
Hamlet is based on a Norse legend by Saxo Grammaticus in Latin, around 1200 AD.
It's said that Shakespeare used an earlier version of the play by Thomas Kyd named Ur-Hamlet
Superheroes of the Elizabethan Era
Elizabeth the 1st
Elizabeth reign for 45 years, during her time it was known as the Golden Age. Elizabeth helped England make their own church of Protestant faith, with catholic background.
She went on many expeditions to see her subjects and was the one of the most loved Queens of England.
Even when faced with War against Spain, who wanted to restore Catholicism in England, she won. In her speech she said, "I know I have the body of a weak, feeble woman; but I have the heart and stomach of a king - and of a King of England too."
Although she never married, she had one true love and that was her country. She died on March 4, 1603.
Fun Facts!!!
- Queen Elizabeth almost died of Smallpox
- She was also excommunicated by the Catholic church
- Her mother, Anne Boleyn, was accused of adultery and incest with her brother
- Virginia is named after Queen Elizabeth, she was known as the 'Virgin Queen'.

Shakespeare's Globe
Globe Theatre was built in 1599 by Shakespeare's playing company, Lord Chamberlain's Men. This theatre became one of the most famous playhouse's of all time. It was destroyed by fire on June 29, 1613, and a second Globe Theatre was built in its place June 1614 and closed in 1642.
The modern reconstruction of the globe named Shakespeare's Globe opened in 1997, approximately 750ft away from the original site.
Benjamin Johnson
June 11, 1572-August 6, 1637
Ben Johnson was an English playwright and poet whose artistry left a lasting impact upon English poetry and stage comedy. He is partly considered to be one of Shakespeare's successors, there are also legends about his rivalry with Shakespeare.
In 1603 Elizabeth I died and the monarch went from the Tudors to the Stuarts.
The black death also returned in this year killing about 30,000 people out of 4 million.
Turning points in History
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