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Angel Rivas

No description

angel rivas

on 5 June 2015

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Transcript of Angel Rivas

Angel Rivas

Parkour is a training discipline using movement that developed from military obstacle course training. Practitioners aim to get from A to B in the most efficient way possible. This is done using only the human body and the surrounding for propulsion for with a focus on maintaining as much momentum as possible while still remaining safe
the risk of parkour are you might have bruise,cut,gash,or broken bones and also road rash
The Risk
It will help you because it's a funner way of exercising you can run and jump helps you think on your feet and helps your body getting stronger and more heather and live lot longer
How it will help ?
My statement about this is because for people that are doing the exercise or want to do exercise this is it a lot of people are doing this it started from the 1902-today people of around of world are doing parkour cause it is fun and have something to do in your free time
Mission Statement
* Revolution Parkour
* Generation Parkour
*Take Flight
* Precision parkour
* Wefew Parkour
Revolution Parkour
Parkour Generation
Take Flight
Precision Parkour
The reason why they are a great competitor to comp tit with is because they have classes and camp to do basic training for kids and adults. The campe for the kids are called the Beaverton Jedi camp ages 7-10 they play some jedi gaems and relive your favorite star wars scenes as thet battle the sith and learn the deflect the clone's blaster if you and your kids are stars wars fans. The women workshop Beaverton for ladies only workshop learn to parkour techniques get a great workout.
For everybody parkour and nerf can play for fun games and learn the parkour techniques to take your nerf combat skills to the skills to the next level. They have these camps and they are support by a movie called Rick Mansions
What is Parkour Generaitions ? is the largest professional organisation for the stunning movement discipline known as parkour or freerunning. Workshop around the world for over a decade the founding members of parkour Gerneration came together to create a vehicle to the transmit the incredibly strong benfits and positive effectof this Amazing art form. Comprised of founders pioneers and princial developer of the disciplinen from across all generations, Parkour Generation is the aithentic original parkour organisation
The reason why I picked this company as a competitor is that they can be find in google by just typing parkour city and are also supported in Facebook and Twitter. They have the new kekiki class for kids in the age 5-8 years old to train your kids to be a parkour. They also have the women community for women to keep their spirit up and their women hood strong for singal or co-ed training where's their is no boys allowed. They are all about safety they always have first aid-kit ready for anyone who gets hurt. They are always prepared for anything that might happened
Take Flight is a company that sale shoes, clothing and gear for parkour and free running for people that do people that do parkour and people that workout. The Take Flight is being supporting and working with Traceurs and parkour communities around the globe.
* Clothing Design
*Shoe Design
* Women
Shoe Design
You can make your own shoe design you can make your shoe into your own image the style and but the colors that you like you make a normal shoes design or if you want you make a foot shoe or a split toe shoe
Clothing Design
Just like the shoes design you can make your own clothing into your own image how ever you like you can even put a picture of someone you loved or have lost or the picture of the high school team or a team you used to be on on your picture or on your sweeter put some of your favorite colors or favorite sports team on your clothing or the high school team you were on the side of your pants or the symbol of the high school team or a sports teams you where on your shirt or sweeter
women united club
there is going to be a women's only club meaning no guys allowed it's where the women can be free it's where they can test their limits and build their spirits up and build sister hood and they can also can talk a lot of smack about guys
what will the products do for the customer you could use the clothing design for style to show off to your friends or to workout and the women unite club are for women who's spirit or hearts has been broken by someone who hurt them or by someone they lost basically it's to help women to get back up were they belong
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