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F.K. program

No description

Thaer Yaseen

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of F.K. program

First Step Main Results Priorities 1) Sustainable natural resources management;
2) Quantitative & Qualitative enhancement of crop production
3) Socio-Economic Dynamics and Global Markets
4) Sustainable development of small rural communities in marginal areas;
5) Mediterranean food consumption patterns: diet, environment, society, economy and health MAIN IDEA Organization of a cycle of OPEN WEBINARS MAIN OBJECTIVE Knowledge development is the best way to identify concrete solutions for food security that really meet the needs of countries Creating opportunities for dialogue and development through a Mediterranean Network of experts, focused on research, innovation and transfer of knowledge for food security December 20, 2012 January 22, 2013 PRIORITY: Mediterranean food consumption patterns

SPEAKERS: Hamid El Bilali & Philipp Debs PRIORITY: Sustainable natural resources management

SPEAKERS: Pandi Zdruli & Gaetano Ladisa January 30, 2013 PRIORITY: Quantitative & qualitative enhancement of crop growing products

SPEAKERS: Thaer Yaseen & Alessandra Ricelli February 21, 2013 PRIORITY: Socio-economic dynamics and global market

SPEAKER: Roberta Callieris March 7, 2013 PRIORITY: Sustainable development of small rural communities in marginal areas

SPEAKERS: Lamberto Lamberti & Virginia Belsanti Feeding Knowledge Program Euro-Mediterranean Scientific Network on research and innovation for food security

International Technology Platform “Feeding Knowledge”

Creation of 12 NATIONAL ADVISORY SERVICES to support knowledge development at the local level

Support to National Extension Services to transfer research results and listen to stakeholders needs

Support to policy makers for the elaboration of effective policies on research and innovation for food security First cycle Target Area The Project is first focused on the Euro-Mediterranean region (Albania, Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Israel, Libya, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestinian National Authority, Tunisia, Turkey). After 2015, project activities will progressively involve other regions of the world. Today webinar: Outline (some topics):
Crop productivity is affected by the incidence of pathogens and pests

Measurement of disease pressure and pthogen

Measurement of symptoms

Measurement of yield and quality

Establishing the relationship between disease and yield Quantitative assessment of biotic constraints to crop productivity

Prof. Richard Strange
Birkbeck College, University of London HOW You will need just a computer, internet connection and speakers or headphones IT'S EASY!!! Second cycle March 28, 2013 PRIORITY: Sustainable natural resources management

Title: The International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA)

SPEAKERS: Dr. Mario Marino and Jenny Calabrese April 9, 2013 PRIORITY: Quantitative & Qualitative enhancement of crop production

Title: Quantitative assessment of biotic constraints to crop productivity

SPEAKERS: Dr. Richard Strange and Dr. Thaer Yaseen
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