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Zhou Dynasty


Hee Sun Jung

on 21 January 2010

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Transcript of Zhou Dynasty

Zhou Dynasty The Zhou Dynasty ruled from 1050BC - 256BC Their first leader was King Wu. The king would be in charge of everything, but he would
give land to the nobles and the peasants farmed for them.
The king intended to let the nobles help protect him
when he was at war, but instead the nobles eventually
fought against him because they had too much power.
Peasants lead a hard life. They had to pay taxes and were
expected to be in the king's army. This is a map of where the Zhou Dynasty was located. They believed and worshiped a god
called "Tian", which means "heaven". They were famous for the Warring Kingdoms
Period. It was a long period of war where
many people were killed. The Zhou Dynasty
ended when the Qin Dynasty conquered all the
Warring Kingdoms. The first most important was the King, then the nobles, and lastly, the peasants.
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