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Choko Melo Marketing product launch project presentation

Marketing product launch project presentation. Product name "Choko-Melo". Compulsary course Project of subject: Principle of Markeiting.

Salman Hussain

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Choko Melo Marketing product launch project presentation

Chok-Melo Commercial
Syed Salman Hussain

Kabeer Alam

Hassan Zahid

Muhammad Umair

Syed M Mohsin
Company Description
Choco Factory Chocolates take great pride in being one of Pakistan's selected manufacturers of the finest chocolates and chocolate product’s. Our products are supplied to chocolate markets and chocolate users across the city, from local bakeries to shops. Incorporated in 2014 and having commenced operations in 2014. Starting from the cocoa bean processing to delivering fine chocolates... Choco Factory is fine, hygienic and organized factory to produce best quality chocolates. We are the one stop chocolate hub for you - our valued customer.
Our Motto
"To research, invent, innovate and create best quality chocolate. Create finest quality, world class, value for money products through continuous research to deliver the best."
Together We Grow
Our employees and customers are our assets, whom we honor in the environment of mutual respect and diligence, by sharing knowledge and taking feed backs.
Making Quality Products
The market leaders for best quality products and known for our Taste and determination to have a positive impact on everything we do. "Our Name is the establishment of change".
To create delectable chocolates made on our premises using the best available ingredients. 
To grow a successful chocolate company using the amazing power of finest chocolates to delight and engage, and bring people together to create dignified relations. Paying careful attention to you and to every detail makes the difference between you experiencing a good chocolate service or an EXCEPTIONAL ONE.
Word Choko we derived from word Choco short form of chocolate, as our product will be coated with chocolate i.e. its external part would be chocolate so we put its name choko.
adjective, mel·low·er, mel·low·est.
soft, sweet, and full-flavored from ripeness, as fruit.
Mellow means soft sweet, as choko-melo’s inner part is made up of pasteurized eggs which are soft or we can say sort of whipped cream so this part of the name we derived from the word mellow or melo.
About Our Name
Marketing Presentation on:
For Choko-Melo Base*
Aall-purpose flour
Butter or margarine
Granulated sugar
The Choko-Melo Filling*
Egg whites
For Choko-Melo Coating*
Good quality bittersweet or semisweet chocolate coating, or
Bittersweet or semisweet baking chocolate

Organizational Structure
Product Mix
PLC Analysis
Product Depth:
Plain Chocolate
Coconut sprinkled
Almond sprinkled
Target Market and Segmentation
Age: 05-35
Gender: All
Family Size: 1,4
Income Level: 20,000-70,000 +
Generation: Y-new people
Target Segmentation
Areas like; Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Clifton Cant., Jamshed Town, Gulberg Town, North Nazimabad, Malir Cant., Malir Town and Faisal Cantt. 
 Social Class:
Upper class
Upper middle class
Middle class
Lower middle class

Target Market and Segmentation
Target Market and Segmentation
Promotional Mix
Advertising – Mass Media approach.
Sales promotion - price / money related communications
Discounts (for Family Pack)
Personal selling – one to one communication with a potential buyer
Salesmen – Malls
Digital marketing – new channels are emerging constantly
Social media – Facebook or Twitter
Positioning Statement
It creates an appetizingness, hunger and lust for our product.
The reason behind ‘Day Diet’ is its size will be comparatively same as of desi ‘Gulab Jamun’.
Marketing Channel
Distribution Mix
The best companies in the world remain at the top of their game by keeping a close on eye on their competitors.
Competitor Analysis
Conclusion and Recommendations
Choco Factory’s main aim is to provide best Quality and Hygienic Chocolate Products to our customers which can only done through continuous research and using fine quality production machinery.
Which will attract and help us gain customers as well as market share through its Marketing Strategies. By value proposition, giving them extra benefits with in affordable price.
Our pricing strategy is adaptable of lowering profit but maintain our product’s price as the prices are continuously changing with in short span of time, though we are new to market that’s what our first goal is to attain highest market share.
We have used such quality ingredients and packaging which is difficult to copy, as our main concern about product is its Quality and Hygiene which can never be compromised.
Pricing Strategy
Pricing Strategy
Pricing Strategy
Valued- Based Pricing:
Our product is based on valued based pricing, because it’s a customer driven policy.
Our company follows the Market –Penetration Pricing.
Market-Penetration Pricing:
Setting price low for a new product, though we are new to market, so in order to attract larger number of buyers and a large market share which is known to be the most difficult factor in succession for a new company to the attain high market share.
So, we have decided to capture the maximum market share on this basis our product Price which will be based on the market-penetration strategy.

Pricing Strategy

Freight-absorption pricing:
As a seller, we absorb the actual freight charges as an incentive to attract business uncompetitive markets.
Price cuts occur due to:
Increased market share: We launch a lower product price, because it’s a “fighting” brand.
Pricing Strategy
Product Bundle Pricing:
Pricing bundles of products sold together.
Price Adjustment:
Discount: We will be offering discounts on 4 pc’s packs for consumers.
Allowance: In future we planned to give the allowance to retailers in return for an arrangement to stock the product own shelves.
Geographical Pricing:
Adjust prices to account for the geographical location of customers
Thank You
SWOT Analysis
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