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australian identity by nikala

story of how my mum came to australia .

nikala seiver

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of australian identity by nikala

by Nikala
Ulfa hanum seiver
born: 1971 from: Indonesia
Australian identiy
A.K.A my mum
My mother is from Indonesia she is half Indonesian from her mother's background and half middle east from her father background. she's 41 .My mother has nine sisters and no brothers, she is married and has two kids.She lives in Belmore NSW . She now goes to TAFE at ryde and is studying cooking she only a australian resident and has a great future ahead of her.
Why did you migrant to australia ?
when did who first come to australia
how different was the australian culture to your own culture ?, and how hard was it for you to adjust to a new culture?
how did you feel when you you came ?
how did you get here ?
My mum and Dad
my mother Ulfa
which country were you born?
i was born in indonesia in the city of jarkata and in the town chengkareng.

what was your first job?
was it easy for you to make friends because you were different and you didnt know the language so well
did you ever have to deal with racism
which country were you born?
indonessian flag
which country do you like better australia or indonessia
did you find it hard to adjust to a new country
where did you first live in australia ?
how did yor parents feel about you moving to a new country
did you find learning a diffrent langauge hard?
what do you like about australia ?
what difficulties did you find with being islamic in australia?
do you ever feel homesick every now and then?
what do you think you gained living in australia?
who came with you and if no one do you evcourge any family members to come?
do you ever think of moving back ?
ok last question would you consider your self australian?
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