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Capstone Presentation

No description

Rajpreet Sadyora

on 21 April 2013

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Transcript of Capstone Presentation

Quality of an Excellent Manager People Skills Conflict Resolution Effective Communication Team Player Ability to remain calm Feedback Loop This is hard to fake. If you don't genuinely enjoy interacting with people, it'll be hard to manage them well. Effective communication is the key to Effective management. You must have a wide range of personal contacts within your organization. You need relationships--not necessarily personal friendships--with a fair number of people, including your own employees. You must encourage these people to tell you what's going on (good or bad) and give you feedback about what people are thinking about the company and your role in it. Being a good manager is like putting a jigsaw puzzle together. With good people skills comes the calm to endure problems. Develop your people to do their jobs better than you can. Being a manager does not mean being the best performer, but making best performers out of its employees. This is the most important quality that is directly linked to people skills - ability to resolve conflicts and optimizing productivity
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