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zion dawes

on 23 April 2013

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Is The World is in Danger ? South Pole is Melting And the Earth How will the length of the year and day
change? Also how will the length of day
and night change? How will the seasons change ? What will the new climate be like ? What will our tides be like?
What will effect us in sources? We have nothing to worry about because the seasons would not change because the earth is still on its axial tilt. As far as hemispheres go when the northern hemisphere is tilted towards the sun it is summer in that hemisphere and when it is tilted away from the sun its winter in that hemisphere. Its the same for a 28.5 degree tilt. Well for the most half of the year the
northern hemisphere will be very cold and
for the other half of the year it will be very hot depending on which way the earths axis
tips towards the sun. The tides will most likely be the same because the only major thing that will cause a change in tides would be the moon which is not affected as long as we have the moon the tides will most likely be the same. The only difference would be the changes in tidal bulges. Also the some major problems we could face as a people would be food and timing. For example there would be a shortage in food because of the lack of daylight in certain places and in timing it will change the amount of daylight in a day and it depends were you are . Some solutions would be to have the other side of earth with light grow crops because they would grow twice the normal rate supplying the other hemisphere with food. Is Tipping Over The length of year all depends on the earths tilt. There could be more or less light in different areas and that may cause days to be shorter or longer. With the length of day and the length of night situation more or less light depending of the tilt can cause longer or shorter days which can effect the night. The length of day will change because if the the earths tilt changes so will the light and darkness. For example if the earth is horizontal on one side it may cause the earth to get no sunlight it may also cause direct and indirect rays for winter and summer. As the earth tilts the light is more direct (13.5) hours and indirect (8.7) hours. (Refers to Northern Hemisphere.)
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