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Afeni Shakur


carolina flores

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Afeni Shakur

Afeni Shakur-Davis Former member of Black Panther Party Former Political Activist of Original 27 Members of Black Panther Party. Afeni Shakur
Born: January 22, 1947
North Carolina,
Lumberton Understanding the Panther Party Afeni allegedly took part in many bombing of police staions.
is also known for criminally and confrontational militant and violent forces against police.. Afeni Shakur and The Black Panther Party were deeply misunderstood for efforts to help all poor communites and to stop murder among their loved ones. Their party was not a terroist group is more like the police the poor communities that police werent paying attention to, and should be glorified just as any another mob in America. Quote 1st Son: Tupac Shakur deceased rapper of the 90's that influenced many of his mother's ideas.

Huband: Mutulu Shakur, Stepfather of Tupac and former member of Black Panther Party

Assata Shakur: Sister of Mutulu, also former black panther member Founded in Oakland,California--On October 15, 1966
Group founders: Huey Newton and Bobby Seale
Parties main goals:
Stop police brutality and murder among the black society
Help poor Black communties or ghettos/projects
Stop KKK or white mobs; END RACISM
The Black Panther group then was considered a terrorist group for the bombings of many police stations and murders of police officers.
BUT... How I ask? What This Woman is Known for Emerson's: To be Great,
is To Be Misunderstood "The cops and the media wanna blame me for my lyrics...don't be mad at the person giving you the news, go out and get the people that are doing it.."
-Son of Afeni Shakur, Tupac This is the same for his mother, righteous protests telling cops and media what's wrong with the picture and are blamed instead. Legacy More Pics? Bobby Seale, founder Black panther party logo
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