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Copy of Copy of ERWC Class Intro Prezi

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Layla Pashby

on 6 August 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of ERWC Class Intro Prezi

Expository Reading & Writing Course
Welcome to your first college class!

A proven course for college and career readiness
Mrs. Pashby
Chaffey Joint Union High School District
12th grade English
8 Units or "Modules" of study

a purposeful sequence of lessons that develop students' ability to read complex texts independently.

eading and

is a 12th grade course developed by a California State University task force to better prepare students to meet the rigorous demands of reading and writing at the college level.
Addressing Specific Needs
According to the newly adopted Common Core State Standards, students who are college and career ready need to be able to:

a wide range of non-fiction texts closely to build knowledge, integrate ideas and make logical defensible conclusions and

communicate effectively
through writing and speaking for specific audiences and purposes.
Through a relentless focus on the text, ERWC will prepare students for college and careers.

Reading, writing and speaking are integrated processes.

In-depth analysis of argumentative reading and writing fosters the kind of thinking required
Other Modules Will Include:
Arguing about the Opinions/Editorials in the newspaper
"Good Food vs. Bad Food"
"Racial Profiling"
"The Value of Life"
Into the Wild
( a novel)
"Language, Culture & Gender"
"Bullying in School"
ERWC Modules
What Does Being College "Ready" Mean?
If you are college "ready" you don't have to take and English entrance (EPT) exam at a CSU or CCC school, do not have to take remedial English, you save money & time and go on directly to Freshman English 1A or 101.
Module "#1:
Life After High School"
The first unit or "module" of the course will focus on students exploring the idea of intellectualism and what life in their choice of college or career might be like.

The unit ends with students writing a letter of introduction to their future college or employer.

For real life use and for Senior Exhibition.
ERWC modules include interesting non-fiction articles, opportunity for class and peer discussion, grammar lessons and writing practice.
What are the Benefits of taking ERWC?
The 12th Grade ERWC course is UC, CSU, and CCC (California Community College) approved. Furthermore, students who are "conditionally ready" on the EAP can be "ready" by passing the ERWC 12th grade course with a C or better.
Additional Benefits
This course will help you truly succeed in your life after high school. If you were not "conditionally ready" in your Junior year, this course will help you PASS the EPT (English Placement Test) for college.

If you are attending school other than a CCC or CSU school, this course will prepare you well for that school’s writing assessment exam.

Overall, we are better readers, writers and most importantly, THINKERS.
look forward to a successful year in 12th grade ERWC
Why Do We Need ERWC?
Over 50% of the incoming freshmen in the CSU system alone are currently required to take remedial English courses due to the lack of proper preparation for university level reading and writing. The goal of the Expository Reading and Writing Course (ERWC) is to effectively prepare students for the type of reading and writing that will be expected of them while attending college or their future career.
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