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The history of the yogscast

How the yogscast group got their start and how theyve changed throughout the years

Tiana Loiselle

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of The history of the yogscast

The history of
the Yogscast The yogscast members as they apear in their minecraft skins Who are the "Yogscast"?
well, the yogscast started with just 2 members, Lewis Brindley and Simon Lane. They did "how to" videos on World Of Warcraft(WOW) for their start. They had alot of WOW videos, but then there start on what made them famous happened. In december 2010, they put their first minecrtaft video up, "how to survive the first night". But at that point, they were very inexperienced and they actually ended up spending the night in a house made of dirt. After that video, they stopped putting up WOW videos and focused on Minecraft. As their series progressed and matured, more members joined, including Hannah who is known for the character Lomadia, Duncan who is most well known for his playthroughs as LividCoffee and art, Sips for his work on "orcs must die", and finally Sjin who joined the Yogscast team after doing amazing work on the Shadow of Israphel set(which is probably the Yogscast most famous series ever). There are other members, but the ones listed are the most important and have the most recognition. What does the Yogscast do?
Though at first they only did Warcraft videos, They now do a variety of things. but mostly Minecraft and Tekkit videos. They create many how to videos, playthroughs, and just funny random videos. They are a comedic bunch and always act immature and humors. Theres a big joke about them all over the internet and it goes like this: When you hear people with british accents you usually think that they sound smart...Then you listen to the Yogscast" When was the yogscast created?
The first video that the yogscast ever made was on July 9, 2008. it was called "Warcraft-how to kalecgos". Where is the yogscast?
The members of the yogscast all live in the UK. Simon, Lewis and Hannah live together (Hannah and Lewis are married), Sips and Sjin live together, and all the other members dont live with anyone else from the group, but all live in the sameish area. A trailer for their most popular series, The shadow of Israphel (not a real movie) So overall, the Yogscast is a funny group of gamers who are absolutely amazing. They have over 200 videos and post regularly. But even though theyre very goofy and immature, they make great walkthrough/how to videos that are very helpful. If you're a computer gamer, i strongly recomend watching their different series. L-R Hannah, Lewis, Simon
chillin outside of Epcot in
Dsney World Honeydew(Simon) and Xephos(Lewis)
Off to save Minecraftia
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