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Being an Otaku {Bullying}

No description

Gabbi S

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Being an Otaku {Bullying}

Being an Otaku {Bullying}
In the Beginning
No friends
Most anime lovers start off in a transition period, from the classic american cartoons to Anime. When they do fall into the anime, they have hardly anyone to speak to. This mostly happens in elementary.
Level Up!
Gradually the person begins to find people that have common interests. the common Otaku finds friends who like DBZ or Sailor Moon. This is also when people start to pick on them.
Arrow to the Knee
Otaku's are bullied in different forms. Name calling (CHING CHONG CHING), Physical (Pushing), Theft of Items (Manga, Plushies, bookbags), Shunning (YOU DO NOT EXIST) and the Glares (WTF are you.)
Indifference ._.
Otaku's begin to become accustomed to the name calling and physical abuse. They learn not to openly bring their stuff. They pick their groups and stay in them until they leave elementary.
Otaku's move to a new school, and there they discover *CLUBS*
Now the otaku's begin to come out of their shells and find more of their species.
Cosplaying is BEING your favorite character. BECOMING that person. YOU ARE THAT PERSON! HEAR ME ROA-
Yeah, cosplay... It attracts bullies.

The First Convention
This is a prime moment in every Otaku's life. This is also when they begin to get into other cultures... Like Korean culture!
K-pop FTW! But this is more fuel for the bullying fire. They say your music is trash.
Happy Ending
Otaku's learn to love themselves and everyone else! They embrace the philosophical ideas and they learn to embrace their inner
Otaku life
Most Otaku begin to collect things. Manga, plushies, shirts, DVD's etc. This is noticed by non-otaku's. They then SHAME the Otaku's, thinking that they're weird and unnatural.
The wonderful world
of conventions
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