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sales kick off police quiz

No description

Kirstin Farrelly

on 29 November 2015

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Transcript of sales kick off police quiz

Sales Kick Off 2013
Be remarkable
Operations Europe
1. Please indicate which of the below terminals are Spire (Hypercom) devices?
a) M4230, iCT220 Desktop, T4220
b) T4220, T4230, M4230
c) iWL220 GPRS, T4230, iCT220 Desktop
2. Which Vendors are in charge of POS services (deployment & helpdesk) for Elavon customers in Poland?
a) Spire, Orange
b) Lantec, MCX
c) Lantec, Spire
Which Vendors are in charge of POS services (deployment & helpdesk) for Elavon customers in UK and Ireland?
a) Lantec, Vodafone
b) Spire, Lantec
c) Spire, Vodafone
4) Who should the German customer contact in case of an issue with Elavon POS terminal?
a) Elavon 2nd Line
b) Spire Helpdesk
c) Samhammer Helpdesk
Spire Vendor
1. What is the specific requirement for a bank account to be used by German customer on his POS
agreement in order to allow correct German debit card processing?
Account must exist at least since 6 months
Bank must participate at the DTAUS-process
Private Bank Institutions are not allowed
2) Which of the below is described in Elavon Inventory terminology as a portable Terminal?
Optimum M4230 and Ingenico IWL250 GPRS
Optimum M4240 and Ingenico IWL250 PSTN/IP
Artema Hybrid Combi
How can we provide German POS customer with a flexible and cost free Transaction details service
for the German debit cards transaction history reporting (TA list)?
TA-List via Fax
TA-list via Email
TA-list via SFTP gateway
Front Office (Germany)
PCI - After sign up, when will a customer be charged non compliance?
90 Days
6 Months
365 Days
Funding - A customer is setting up with us and is banked by an Non BOI/SAN account. When can
customer expects to see funds in the account from day of batch?
Within 3 Days
Next working Day
Within 2 Days
3. Dm - Change of Ownership. What steps should be taken when advising a customer on this?
Customer completes new Application - gets new account and takes no further action
Customer completes new Application, sends in closure request for Old account and is sent the legal Indemnity forms
Customer completes new Application, sends in closure request and arranges for fund on old MID to be transferred to new account.
Front Office (UK/IRE)
What information about PCI should Sales Rep provide to the customer when signing a contract?
What is PCI
Fee amount (non-compliance and compliance fee)
Contact details to companies providing certification
Hardcopy of SAQ as an example
2. Which products should be offered to all new customers?
3. What information about invoice should Sales Rep provide to the customer when signing a contract?
Customer will receive invoice each month via post
Duplicate of the invoice is accessible 24/7 on iMerchantConnect
All fees on the invoice are automatically deducted from the first batch of the month
All fees on the invoice apply to the previous month
Front Office (Poland)

5. Customer wants to process key-entered transaction. What he should do?:
a) obtain the authorisation
b) refuse it if the customer is present or will collect the goods later
c) make additional security checks
d) get written confirmation from cardholder to charge the card
6. In case of chargeback for fraudulent transaction customer takes liability for:
every transaction
only for card-not-present transactions
Acquirer always takes full responsibility
Acquirer is responsible for card-not-present transactions where CVV/CVC check and AVS check
are made
7. Are the customers protected or insured against chargebacks?
a) every transaction is insured
b) every transaction is insured if it is authorised
c) only for card-present transactions if they are authorised
d) there is no insurance as cardholders have right to dispute any transaction for numerous reasons
Disputes (2)
What addresses and names should be always the same?
DBA and Interchange
Legal and Interchange
Statement and Communication
DBA and Communication

Frequency “Per Occurrence” for fees could be used only for:
Joining fee
Joining fee, Chargeback fee
Chargeback fee
Chargeback fee, Refund fee
Fulfillment (3)
5. Merchant runs a hotel with a swimming pool, a bar, golf facility, catering and wedding services.
What information is especially important to ask for:
A picture of the premises + site visit report
A website + e-mail address
Breakdown in % between the services + delayed delivery details
Financial report for the previous year
What exactly will the payments be taken for?

6. Which of the below businesses are prohibited:
Online pharmacy non-licensed
Fortune tellers and magicians
Second hand shops
Pawn shops
Antique shops

The company Food and Catering Ltd. would like to deal with Elavon, but because they have just
changed from Partnership to Limited they still use the account for Johnson & Robinson. Is this
Yes, if they declare to change the account as soon as possible
Yes, if the bank confirms that the account will be changed in two weeks time
No, their bank account needs to be live and running, and matching their legal name
Yes, because these are still the same directors
Fulfillment (2)
If merchant trading address is located in Isle of Man what data should be collected and validated from a KYC perspective? (UK only)
D&B report
Photo ID of the contract signer
A letter from the accountant/lawyer confirming the directors
A copy of the certificate of incorporation

If our existing merchant wants to change the ownership type:
No new MID is required and the details can be changed via MFM
A new application is required and processed in SMU/RMU
No new MID required but a ticket needs to be raised with Document Management

Which of below Bank Verification documents are acceptable?
Voided cheque (UK only)
Email from the bank
Online bank statement
Email from the merchant

4. The merchant declares he provides alarm installations: 100% CP, no delayed delivery, turnover
50 K per year, ATV 10 GBP. What questions would you ask him?
what is the delayed delivery time?
why does he take only 10 GBP ATV, this seems to be too low as for this type of business?
does he take any deposits in advance?
I wouldn’t ask him any more questions – this business is prohibited
Fulfillment (1)
After certification with different QSA (Qualified Security Assessor) than Trustwave, what the customer have to do in order to avoid non compliance fee?
Send PCI DSS certification to Trustwave
Ask his QSA to forward the certification on behalf of them
Fee cannot be avoided
Nothing as the fee is not going to be charged

Payment Exceptions
Operations Quiz

Disputes (1)
Customer asks if there is anything he should be aware of or anything he needs to do to process any transaction. What would be your response?
a) Customer must always obtain cardholder’s consent for charge
b) If there is authorisation and transaction went through, there is nothing to worry about.
c) Authorisation refers to cardholder's account status in the moment of transaction
d) Customer should obtain the authorisation for every transactions
2. Customer processed Mo/To transaction, it was authorised and wants to know what he needs to do
before he sends the goods. What would say to him?
a) Please contact the authorisation centre for additional checks
b) If transaction was authorised, there is nothing to worry about
c) If results of AVS check and the result of Name & Address check is a match, then you are secured.
d) Every transaction may be disputed by cardholder for numerous reasons.
3. Customer asks you how long should keep the receipts or transaction data. What would say to him?
a) 1 month
b) until payment
c) 18 months
d) 120 days

4. Where/When are customer informed that the transaction may be disputed?
a) when chargeback is raised
b) they should know that before they sign the contract
c) in Terms of Service
d) they are not informed at all
Bank account owner name needs to be consistent with:
existing legal name
existing DBA name
existing owner name
combination of all of the above

2. Please mark all correct sentence(s):
Fulfillment is responsible for new chain set up
Front office is responsible for new chain set up
MFM is responsible for linking existing MID’s to a chain
Processing is responsible for linking existing MID’s to a chain
3. Sales manager's (UK) approval is NOT required when:
Customer's bank details need to be changed
MCC needs to be changed to a risky one
MSC and/or MPP need to be changed
Parent entity needs to be transferred

4. Please mark all incorrect sentence(s):
There is only one MPS2 settlement cycle available
There are two MPS2 settlement cycles available
There are four MPS2 settlement cycles available
There are as many MPS2 settlement cycles available as the customer wishes

What association code should be used while boarding MIDs with ONLY AMEX or ONLY DINERS?

card plan or merchant should not be in scope of PCI program?
80646 – PCI H2 CLEAN UP
No need to add Association Code
Association code can be added later by MFM
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