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Sequestration & You - What this means for you, your family and your community

Click the right arrow below the presentation to learn how sequestration will impact education.

Daniel Bremer-Wirtig

on 10 September 2012

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Transcript of Sequestration & You - What this means for you, your family and your community

What this means for you,
your family and your community "The End of the World as We Know It"
Sequestration & You (that’s $4.1 billion less in funding) because of a thing called “SEQUESTRATION” 8.4% will be EDUCATION On January 2, 2013 cut by Higher school fees More school fees Less financial support No more after school programs Fewer teachers Larger classroom sizes Less sports education These cuts will affect all our kids in school, and most importantly, jeopardize the future economic prosperity of our country. How will this thing called “sequestration” affect me and my family? No More tutoring/support services “SEQUESTRATION” What does even mean? According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary: According to Congress,
in the Budget Control Act of 2011: in automatic, And, this is the law of the land
(unless Congress decides to change it). $109.4 billion across-the-board spending cuts for 9 years (fiscal years 2013 – 2021), beginning on January 2, 2013. to set apart or to seize Don’t take our word for it,
watch this Washington Post video: “SEQUESTRATION” Where did come from? Congress passes
"Budget Control Act of 2011"
(August 2, 2011) “Super Committee” fails
(November 21, 2011) Coming January 2, 2013!!! If NOT,
then If successful,
then Creates “Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction”
(aka “Super Committee”) $2.1 trillion
CUTS!!! Establishes limits on federal spending over 10 years
(2012-2021) Total cuts spread across Defense & Non-defense discretionary (NDD) ALREADY in place $900 billion
($900,000,000,000.00) $1.2 trillion
($1,200,000,000,000.00) No, really...
Sequestration is triggered!!! Sequestration is triggered Deficit reduction achieved! Where will the axe fall? “SEQUESTRATION” $109.4 billion total automatic across-the-board cuts per year $54.7 billion DEFENSE $54.7 billion NON-DEFENSE $16.1 B non-defense MANDATORY funding $38.6 B NON-DEFENSE DISCRETIONARY (NDD) TOTAL YEARLY CUT TO EDUCTION $4.1 billion Programs funded automatically to meet the needs of all who qualify for them. Examples include Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid. For FY 2013 only, this includes Pell Grants. Non-defense discretionary, in short.

Programs funded by Congress annually.
Congress retains complete discretion over whether, and at what level, to fund these programs. What does NDD mean? Core government functions, for the benefit of all: weather monitoring and environmental protection;
natural and cultural resources;
housing and social services;
international relations medical and scientific research
education and job training;
public safety and law enforcement;
public health; What do NDD programs do? What does NDD have to do with “SEQUESTRATION”? ALL NDD programs will be AUTOMATICALLY CUT by: On January 2, 2013 8.4% (Departments or Agencies will not control how the sequester impacts individual programs) Every American will feel “SEQUESTRATION” It will affect you, your family and your community... Fewer first-responders Fewer cops policing communities Fewer low-income kids served in Head Start Fewer air traffic controllers Less funding for hospitals & health Less border security Poor national parks maintenance Less research and innovation Fewer job training opportunities Higher unemployment Slower economic growth Less business opportunities Fewer education opportunities What can YOU do to stop “SEQUESTRATION”? One thing... Contact your Representatives and Senators NOW, and ask them to: STOP sequestration and end to CUTS EDUCATION. http://www.contactingthecongress.org/ Find your Congresspersons here: Join the NDD United movement! On Twitter: Use #NDDUnited #hashtag
Follow @edfunding
Find your Members of Congress:
Representatives - http://govsm.com/w/House
Senators - http://govsm.com/w/Senate NDD United online: http://publichealthfunding.org/index.php/ndd_united1/
You'll find a Grassroots Toolkit, various letters and statements, as well as reports, other resources, more impact examples and events. Tell them: NDD programs support economic growth and strengthen the safety and security of every American in every state and community across the nation.

Sequestration’s cuts threaten bipartisan, national priorities

Please work together to find a balanced approach to deficit reduction that does not include further cuts to NDD programs. Committee for Education Funding Content by: NDD Summit - http://publichealthfunding.org/index.php/ndd_united1/
Kimberly Jones, Council for Opportunity in Education - http://www.coenet.us/
Daniel Bremer, NCCEP - http://www.edpartnerships.org Presentation by: Daniel Bremer, NCCEP For more information visit http://www.cef.org or follow us on Twitter @edfunding
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