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vapassana meditation

A Biography of her Life

michael courpet

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of vapassana meditation

Vipassana Mediation One of India's oldest forms of mediation 3 Methods Of Vipassana 2. Watching the Coolness of the Nostril! - The belly is the hara center
or the center of the body.

- This method is done by focusing on
the breathing process

- By sitting quietly in a mediative
state we are able to focus on
our breaths and enter a
medatative state. 1. Watching the Belly! This form focuses on the cooling sensation that is felt
through each breath.

If this form is done right it acts as an air conditioner for the mind.

Watching the Breathing Like a River This is the most basic forms of mediation

This is done By concentrating on the breath
flowing in and out like a river Commonly called:
"Insight Mediation" Vipassana also means nature of reality. Vipassana focuses on the
connection of the mind and body Location/Todays Practices Traditionally this was only used in Buddhist cultures.

Today it is held as a universal meditation.

These types of mediations are held in 7-10 day retreats

They are also taught in prisons Youtube:

Vipassana Silent Mediation By: Mike, Corina, Sean and Courtney
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