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Imperialist Presidents (Day 2)

No description

Matt Baker

on 8 March 2018

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Transcript of Imperialist Presidents (Day 2)

Imperialist Presidents (Day 2)
- Notebook
- Pen/Pencil
- Laptop

- I can compare imperialist presidents

Table of Contents
Page: Modern Imperialist Presidents

How do these two images connect?
Imperialist Presidents
1. Finish up your research (10 mins)
2. Fill out your chart (10 mins)
a. Explain, DON'T JUST COPY
Rank the Presidents
Rank the presidents 1-4, with 1 being the most/best and 4 being least/worst

1. Best Domestic President
2. Best Foreign Policy President
3. Most Imperialistic
4. Best overall president
Defend your President!
1. I will say a category
2. Go to the corner of the room of which president you believe was #1 on your list
3. Discuss with your group why your president was better than the others
4. Be ready to defend it against the class
Modern US Imperialism
- Go to the Google Classroom
- Read the article
- Answer the discussion question
Modern US Presidents
Bill Clinton
George W. Bush
- 2001-2009
- Republican
- 9/11
- Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan
Barack Obama
- 2009-2017
- Democrat
- Wars in Afghanistan & Iraq
- Intervention in Libya
- Syrian Civil War
- Normalized Cuban relations
- 1993-2001
- Democrat
- Somali incident
- Restrictions on Iraq
- Negotiated to stop genocide in Yugoslavia
Exit Ticket
On your post-it, answer the following question:

Which president's foreign policies were best for our country? What about for the world?
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