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No description

khalil davis

on 9 March 2016

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Transcript of Reducing

This is when a person is experiences a conflict in beliefs, or behavior during a situation or activity.

ex) drinking and driving but, knowing it is an illegal task.
Reducing Dissonance
Dissonance causes discomfort to people. This discomfort causes people to find anyway to reduce this feeling. two theories that will be discussed are to
suppress thoughts
and to
alter importance of cognitive elements
What is Dissonance?
When people suppress their thoughts it is a way of ignoring the situation as a whole. Another way to suppress thoughts is to lie to oneself about the action or situation.
When a person attempts to alter the importance of a cognitive element, a person will try to make the action or situation not as bad as it really is.
Reducing Dissonance
Alter Importance of cognitive elements
Reducing Dissonance
Suppressing Thoughts
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