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Halo: The Fall Of Reach

No description

Branden Earl

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of Halo: The Fall Of Reach

Halo: The Fall Of Reach
By: Eric Nylund
Prezi by: Branden Earl
In the beginning of the book Dr. Catherine Halsey and Lieutenant Junior Jacob Keyes are introduced into the book. Two characters that would serve a main basis/purpose later on in the book.
Dr. Halsey along with Lieutenant Keyes went on a mission to gather many kids and took them to a planet called Planet Reach where their lives would change forever. A kid named John would also be in with the group of kids that would have his life changed forever. All Lieutenant Keyes knew though was that he was going on a mission with Dr. Halsey to gather many kids, but he really didn't know what for. In my opinion if I was in Lieutenant Keyes position I would want information on why we were gathering kids because to me, that sounds kindive creepy. Why would you take kids to a random planet?
Dr. Halsey has the group of kids to be trained by Chief Petty Officer Mendez, the trainer. On a day to day basis, the kids would have to carry through tough training and take classes to build up their knowledge that would be taught by Deja, the teacher. They would have limited rest, and mostly working/training. To me, that sounds harsh, being not able to have a lot of rest which is very important to the humans body. The kids had to do push ups, curl ups, jumping jacks, and other excersises and about a hundred of them right in a row. To me that seems kindive exaggerated and that's just crazy, to me you would have to take a break or you could possibly die. There was also a lot of obsticle courses that the kids had to go through that Officer Mendez called a playground. The kids were also told that they couldn't go back to their families, never. That would make me very sad knowing that I couldn't go back and see my family. I would probably have a major break down.
Dr. Halsey created a project before hand to test on the kids, it was called Project Spartan II. It could be proven lethal and testing on the kids was very dangerous. Many people didn't make it, some disoriented, some in perfect condition. For the ones who made it, it turned them into super soilders that were given the name Spartans. They were to protect their planet at all cost, to keep it away from jeopardy. John was one of the Spartans that survived and he would also be one of the super soilders. Many soilders were given three digit ID numbers and Johns ID was given the numbers 117, and it would symbolize something important later on in the book. The Spartans were given armor called Mjolinir armor that would help the Spartans in battle and gave them extra abilities.
Petty Officer Second Class Kelly, James, Samuel, Joshua, Linda, and Frederic become a team of Spartans including John. The Spartans were trained to show no emotions but to do their duty in combat. I think it would be really hard not to show emotion because thats what humans do, but I guess if you were put to the test, you would have to deal with it.
Publisher: Tom Doherty
Year published: 2010
During the book the Spartans face an enemy unkown. An alien race known as the Covenant come to attack the Spartans and humans, to destroy humanity and planet Reach. The Spartans have to destroy the suspicous race but difficulties and challenges come that they have to face.
During the book Spartan 117, John is paired up with an AI named Cortana. Cortana was made up of Dr. Halsey's brain tissue. Cortana comes to play a main character for John but I can't give away to much information on what she does because it would ruin the book somewhat.
The plot is pretty easy to follow but some parts of the book can be hard to follow due to a lot of changing events. The conflict would be the spartans and humans fighting off the Convenant to defend humanity and Planet Reach. The conflict in this story can get a little overwhelming in some points but mostly it's clear and makes you want to read more. The actions leading to the climax make sense and the ending of the book is not really suprising but keeps you on your toes for the next book in the series.
The narrator of the book is Todd McLaren. In my opinion I think he does a pretty good job telling the story whether it would be describing the characters, setting, and storyline. But, overall I think the narrator for this story fited in pretty good.
The setting of this book is mostly on Planet Reach but some of the book takes place in space with the UNSC - United Nations Space Command and in Covenant space craft. I think the setting in this story was excellent. There was a lot of description and gave the mind an image of what it could possibly look like. (Imagery) Therefore I was very satisfied with the setting. Setting in this book is very important because it carry's on continuous events that happen in the same place. The weather does change in this book somewhat so that would be a factor contributing to setting and day and night pass through like a normal day.
Dr. Catherine Halsey - creator of project Spartan II and Cortana, fast worker and conductor
Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez - trainer of the Spartans, very honest character and carry's himself well
Lieutenant Jacob Keyes - helped with the Spartan II project, nervous character and not really sure with himself
Spartan 117 (John) - Defender of planet Reach/humanity, very strong, bold character
Petty Officer Second Class Linda (Spartan) - Defender of planet Reach/humanity, always on the lookout, she's the eyes and ears of the group
Petty Officer Second Class Frederic (Spartan) - Defender of planet Reach/humaity, strong and wise character
Characters Continued
Petty Officer Second Class Joshua (Spartan) - Defender of planet Reach/humanity, another intelligent person in the group of Spartans
Petty Officer Second Class James (Spartan) - Defender of planet Reach/humanity, Outgoing, not afraid to put himselft out there for his group
Petty Officer Second Class Samuel (Spartan) - Defender of planet Reach/humanity, Not really brave but he has the brains
Petty Officer Second Class Kelly (Spartan) - Defender of planet Reach/humanity, she is extremely fast and with her mjolinir armor it just makes her faster, also very intelligent when it comes to tough situations
Cortana (AI) - She is the assistant of John, very wise character in the story, mostly she is known for her knowledge and assistance
Deja - Was the teacher of the kids before they became Spartans, also has a lot of knowledge considering she is a teacher but she also has a creepy personality
Author's Style
The author of the book uses a variety of things including a lot of imagery, some figurative language, little of foreshadowing, tons of suspense, little irony and humor, and lots of dialogue. There is a lot of describing in the book and I think is one of the things the author does best in this book. (imagery) There are lots of conversations between people in this book and would probably make up almost half of the book but the author uses dialogue in an excellent way. Suspene in the story is amazing, which makes the story great and intrigueing. Overall with how the author uses everthing, I'm pretty dang satisfied with it.
I think the theme of this book would be that fighting/war can be really annihilating and is not for the faint of heart. The author makes that pretty clear due to all the battles and dissapointments/mistakes in the book.
"Fighting is war, and war is fighting" - Lieutenant Junior Jacob Keyes
Overall Opinion about book
I gave this book 4 and a half stars because I really enjoyed it and it was very suspenseful and kept me wanting to read more. In some areas it could have been better but I think it's a good read and worth your time.
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