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No description

Hayden Murphy

on 3 February 2015

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Transcript of Zeus

What did our myth explain about the Ancient Greek world?
Why do we continue to study Greek mythology today?
Controlled weather and sky.
God of hospitality.
Overthrowing his father
Zeus' Weapon

Lightning bolt
Used against people when he was displeased.
King of all the Gods and Goddesses.
Cronus was warned about being overthrown by one of his kids.
Swallowed five of his children.
When Zeus grew up he fought Cronus and won.
But... Zeus was married to Hera. Goddess of women, marriage, and birth.
Zeus could make thunder, lightning and rain appear on his command.
Zeus often kept an eye on his kids in the real world.
If his children misbehaved he punished them, and if they were good he praised them.
Many of his mortal kids were kings, or princesses of islands or countries.
Had a habit of falling in love with mortal women...
Zeus had 115 mistresses and 140 human children
Zeus also had many immortal children because of his relationships with mortal women.
It shows that Zeus had a lot of power but, also put a lot of things in danger, with his mortal children and powerful weapons.
We study mythology today because it has hidden lessons in it. Zeus fought for what wanted and got control and power. We can still relate to the stories today, for example the feelings the Gods and Goddesses had in the stories.
Which means he, or his kids brought strange powers to the mortal world. Which could have caused danger to everyone.
The God of all Gods
By: Kayla Jones and Hayden Murphy
Zeus' shield
Called the Aegis
Could change it at any time
The cyclops gave him it.
Cyclops gave it to him.
Used to change the weather
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