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Success in the Classroom: Connection and Communication with Edmodo

Making life and learning in the classroom more accessible.

Jeff Eller

on 10 July 2014

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Transcript of Success in the Classroom: Connection and Communication with Edmodo

Success in the Classroom
Mapped Out
All Hands on Deck!
Joining Edmodo

1. Create a teacher account (edmodo.com)
Download the app on IOS or Android or go to edmodo.com. Find a person in the room that you can help to accomplish this task. Once the app is installed on your device, proceed to the next step.

2. Join a edmodo group
(BMS_Tech Talk)
URL for the group site is:

3. Familiarize yourself with the home screen
-library (top left corner) - notice that you can connect your GoogleDrive account here.
-Edmodo planner (right side) - great location to post homework.
-Click on "Folders" and browse available resources.

4. Once you have successfully joined the group,
post something in the edmodo group that you have learned since being here. Haven't learned anything yet? Go talk with someone else or help someone!

What about me?
Connections and Communication with Edmodo
Flipped classroom
Small groups
Teacher vs. student

Session Title: Success in the Classroom through Connections and Communication with Edmodo
Session Description: Participants will understand the purpose and overview of Edmodo. Teacher accounts will be created and participants will understand how to create groups, sub-groups, notes, alerts, quizzes, polls, library, planner, and apps. Particular attention will be given to how Edmodo can be used to create a globally connected classroom, foster digital citizenship, and model appropriate social networking for students.
Matt Jackson
Kathie Lanman
Jeff Eller
iPad Interface
iPad Folder Page
iPad Internal View
Join URL Codes
External Edmodo Links
What YOU can do with Edmodo:
Flipped Out by the Flipped Classroom
Any Questions?

Share lab results
Embed links
Integrate easily with Google Apps
Quick polls
Group 1: Attached vs. detached earlobe
Can roll tongue vs. can’t roll tongue

Group 2: Dimples vs. no dimples
Right-handed vs. left-handed

Group 3: Freckles vs. no freckles
Curly hair vs. straight hair

Group 4: Cleft chin vs. rounded chin
Widow’s peak vs. straight hairline
How about you?
Edmodo mini-lessons: http://goo.gl/m83RNm
Some other examples:
Examples, tips, and plans
Dr. Kathleen Lanman

Classroom Activities
using Edmodo

Share videos
“Turn it in” through Google Forms
Your task:
Search for examples of visible traits
Take a close-up picture
Post it to the group
Include a brief description
Genetic Traits Scavenger Hunt
Activity Time!
Your task:
Search for a common item
Find a unique angle
Take an extreme close-up picture
(or edit it to close-up)
Post it to the Edmodo Group
Try to identify each other’s items
Eyeball benders
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