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The Refined Gentlemen

No description

Lewis Magri

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of The Refined Gentlemen

The Database ERD Diagrams were created in Visual Paradigm with 3rd Normal Form in mind.
Database design
The Refined Gentlemen
"I Promise to Use The Key, The Whole Key, and Nothing but the Key, so help me Codd!"
The Relational Oath
The Backend of this system was completely built within Visual Studios. This allowed the development to be very streamlined and keep up with the speed of the Agile Scrum Methodology. This was a far better selection over say PHP, as tools such as debugging, allowed errors to be rectified in a timely manner
Backend Development
Formerly known as "The Isaac Kleiner Appreciation Society"
Database Software
Microsoft SQL Server was selected over alternatives such as MySQL and NoSQL, primarily based around it's integration with other .NET programs. Seeing as ASP.NET is being implemented for the backend, this makes integration of the database into the system more efficient.
Has the main aspects of the database.
Does not have any attributes.
Has functionality that was not required by the Product Owner.
Now has attributes for all of the tables.
Teaching materials was dropped as is does not fall within the scope of the system.
The table Courses was added.
The table Users was added to rationalise e ID of both the tutors and the students.
After a meeting with Phil, it was decided that:
A last login date should be added to the user table.
The relationship from Module to ModuleStudent should be removed and replaced with a relationship from ModuleStudent to ModuleTutor.
(This enables us to find out the tutor the user has on that module, and therefore enabling the tutor to see their uploads.)

Previous meeting request ID was added to the Meeting table.
The Request status was also added to the Meeting table.
All "blobs" were changed to "Varchar(MAX)".
"mcComment" was changed from "int" to "Varchar(MAX)".
"tRoom" was added to the Tutors table.
Null was amended to the uSId and uTId columns.
Studies have shown that C# was one of the most popular languages of this year.
Facade Design Pattern
Plug and Play Service
"The Middle End", "The Middleware", "The Back of the Front End", "The Front of the Back End".
These are just some of the many unofficial names that this role goes by. Essentially this job entails retrieving the data from the back end ASP.NET services and rendering them in HTML whilst using the CSS provided by the front end team to style it up. Also known as "
Liaison Galore
Role-based Access Control
On review of the database design once development began, it was discovered that the whole Module aspect of the system was not required by the
Requirement Specification
. Therefore this will not be included in this first version of the system, although the tables will be kept in the database to allow for future scalability. To make this work the
will be used as the
ID instead of the
This was only discover due to our regular
Scrum meetings
, and would not have been discover otherwise

The Team
Lewis Magri
Scrum Master
Database Developer
Philip Mortiboy
Back end Developer
James Goddard
Middleware Developer
Gary Gadsdon
Front end Developer
Alessio Golfetto
Front end Developer
Raginthan Theiveehalingam
Hassan Shinki
Product Owner
The Product
Unique Selling Points
High Level Of Usability
Extreamly Scalable
Simplistic, intuitive layout

allows the user to reach any desired page within just a few clicks.
On The Move

– A Responsive design means our site can be used effectively from a PC, tablet, or smartphone.
Service Oriented Design
– Our service oriented approach means if further development of the system is wanted, for example, a mobile or desktop application, the services needed are already in place. It also drastically reduces the amount of code, taking up less space on the server, which is important with scalability in mind.
ASP.NET Master/Content Pages
– This feature of MS Visual Studio makes adding extra pages to the site very easy. Instead of building the same page for every page of the site, we can create 1 page (a master page) and simply change its contents (content pages). This also makes maintenance easier, as any changes only need to be applied to the master page.
Agile Scrum Technologies
and Methods
Kados Agile Kanban Scrum Management System
Simple Machines Forum
Frequent communication between the group members is vital in ensuring that the independently developed parts of the system would fit together, e.g. front end css with masterpages, back end services with user pages.
Front end Development
Design stages

• Sketches on paper
• Mock-ups/design in Photoshop
• Coding in HTML/CSS

Design for:
• Dashboard: main page showing student details and other personal information
• Message: to tutors or other students
• Message inbox: showing the message preview
• Message/blog preview
• Tutor availability designation page
• Student meeting selection page
• Uploads: divided by course
• Upload discussion
• Tutor allocation
• Mobile view
• Teaching material upload

Bootstrap is a frontend Javascript and CSS framework which is mobile first orientated.
Responsive design is an approach to provide the best UI expierences on all screensizes and devices with minimal resizing or horizontal scrolling.

Enables mobile support without the need for a separate website or app.

Bootstrap features a responsive fluid grid system which appropriately scales up to 12 columns as the device view size increases, if the screensize shrinks, the grid will shuffle columns to be above or below others as appropriate.

Bootstrap also makes support for Dynamic CSS languages such as SASS and LESS. Dynamic stylesheets enable the embedding of classes inside other classes, without redefining the same attributes, known as Mixins. Variables are also supported with Dynamic CSS languages.

Unit Testing
Each Component is to be individually tested at their completion using appropriate Unit Tests.
Validation Testing

Database undergoes multiple validation tests.

Integration Testing
At completion of two connected components, Integration Testing is to be conducted.

Compatibility Testing
Compatibility tests for different mobile device platform and Cross-Browser test using suitable tools is also to be conducted.
Regression Testing
After rectifying errors and making changes, each test was repeated for Regression testing.

Final Acceptance Testing
(Usability Testing)
This involved White-Box and Black-box testing (functionality testing)

Product Owner
Prioritizing Requirements
Maximizing the value of the product
Motivate the team
Collaborate with the team
Why this product is important?
Thank you for listening. Feel free to ask us questions before we begin our demo.
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