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A European Dream

Geography 2144G

Rootu Joshi

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of A European Dream

WHY? HISTORY ROMANCE CULTURE An incredible past that can only be felt through real-life experiences. Planning ahead for an unforgettable trip... Indulge in an active social environment that draws people from all over the world. And so, my journey begins... When?
June 2 - June 19 With whom?
My better half LONDON The first stop of our trip. June 2 - June 4

Flight: ~$2500 (Round Trip - Toronto to London & back)

Hotel: $438 (2 Night Stay) Day 1 TOWER OF LONDON Yeoman
Warder Tours Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress
900-year history
Attraction fee: $30/person Yeoman Warders have guarded the fortress for centuries. Nicknamed the "Beefeaters"
Tales from the Tower
Pain and passion,
Treachery and torture,
All delivered with a smile! White Tower Built to strike fear and submission into the unruly citizens of London
A literary setting for many of Shakespeare's plays Ravens Legend says the kingdom and Tower will fall if the six ravens ever leave the Tower. Their presence is protected
by the legend. Their absence, rather than their presence, is feared. They only respond to the Raven Master. Medieval Palace Where Henry III and Edward I would have slept, dined, and held court Where kings and queens stayed until the reign of Elizabeth I Personally, I'm excited to see what it was like living during those times. Everything I've seen in movies, up until now, I'm going to get a chance to see for real! MADAME TUSSAUDS Let's be honest...who doesn't want to visit a wax museum that displays some of the world's most famous faces? Glitz and glamour, combined with over 150 years of history. THE LONDON EYE World's highest observation wheel
32 capsules I am actually very afraid of heights...
But where else am I going to get a view of more than 55 of London's most famous landmarks, all from one single location? Attraction fee: $29/person Attraction Fee: $41/person Day 2 By: Rootu Joshi
Geography 2144G Club Quarters, Lincoln's Inn Fields Central to all the attractions I plan on visiting
Decent value for a full service hotel in London
Extremely close to the Holborn Underground Station My dream honeymoon vacation. Transportation: $38 London Underground
Heathrow Airport to Hotel ($12)
Zone 1 All-day tickets (for 2 days)
$26 HOUSES OF PARLIAMENT We plan on taking a tour of the Houses of Parliament. It is known to be a place of beautiful architecture and immense history. In addition to being the site of the Old Palace of Westminster, it is home to the Big Ben. Attraction Fee: $23/person Architecture is exquisite Big Ben Departure from London will take place on June 4 (Day 2). We plan on traveling through Europe via Eurail, as it is one of the easiest and most convenient means of travel.
Eurail Global Pass
15 days in 2 months
1st class saver
$1035/person On June 4, we will take the Eurail from St. Pancras International Station in London. The ride is supposed to be 2.5 hours. It will take us to our next destination, which is... PARIS June 4 - June 6

Hotel: $329 (2 Night Stay) Hotel Paris France One of the best things about this hotel is its location
Centrally located in Paris
Very close to the Metro Transportation: $32 Paris Metro
Zone 1 All-day tickets: $18 (Day 1)
Single ticket costs: $14 (Day 2) Day 1 ARC DE TRIOMPHE A triumphal arch in honor of those who fought for France
Names of the generals and wars fought are engraved on the inside and the top of the arch Attraction Fee: $11/person Statues of the Arc EIFFEL TOWER A beautiful site, filled with immense history, the Eiffel tower is a wonder in itself. I can say, without a doubt, that this part of our trip will be one of the unforgettable highlights.

Built by Gustave Eiffel, this tower marked the 100th anniversary of the French revolution. It offers a panoramic view of Paris, like no other. Attraction Fee: $20/person We will most likely end up buying a lift entrance ticket to the top to get the most of the view. Things to consider:
Elevator lines can be long, therefore best to visit tower early in the morning or after 6PM
Check weather for the day...temperature at the bottom of the tower is not the same as the top! I couldn't think of a better, more romantic way to end the day than to take a Sunset River Cruise on the Seine River. We will book a Night Sightseeing Cruise with Bateaux Parisien. It departs right across the street from the Eiffel Tower and lasts approximately one hour. It's a great way to see the City of Lights.

Cruise Fee: $18/person Things to consider:
Figure out what time the sun sets
Give ourselves enough time to get to the departure point to buy tickets before they sell out Day 2 On Day 2 in Paris (June 6), I want us to visit the Notre Dame Cathedral. It is a historic Roman Catholic Cathedral, on the Île de la Cité. It is a famous church, known to many. I would like to visit early in the morning. The church is truly magnificent. It has many notable features, one of them being its beautifully stained glass windows. Visiting the church is free of charge. I would like to see the cathedral towers as well. These towers offer a breathtaking view of Paris. They also give you detailed looks at the roof, the spire, and the cathedral's largest bell, the Emmanuel Bell. In addition, they give you a chance to see the famous gargoyles up close. Emmanuel Bell Gargoyle Later that day, we will checkout and travel to the Gare du Nord station. From here, we will take the Eurail to our third destination. The ride is supposed to be 5 hours, and we will arrive in… SWITZERLAND We will arrive in Zurich. From here, we will take a train down to Lucerne. For me, Switzerland is all about the scenery. It's a beautiful country and I want to experience as much of it as I can in the time that I spend there. So I went onto the Official Website of Switzerland Tourism and decided that my best bet would be to follow their "Switzerland in 3 Days" route. This route takes us through three major cities in 3 days. Lucerne Interlaken Zermatt Eurail Global Pass is valid on Swiss Federal Railways, which will be our mode of transportation from city to city. LUCERNE June 6 - June 8

Hotel: $256 (2 Night Stay) Hotel Alpha A quiet location, which is what I like
10-minute walk to the train station Attraction#1:
PILATUS The Dragon Mountain Silver Round Trip
5 hours
Lucerne-Alpnachstad-Pilatus Kulm-Kriens-Lucerne
Take train from Lucerne to Alpnachstad
Ride the world's steepest cogwheel to Pilatus Kulm
Ride by aerial car cable and gondola down to Kriens/Lucerne "From Alpnachstad to Pilatus Kulm, the world's steepest cogwheel railway winds up through lush meadows carpeted with Alpine flowers, past sparkling mountain streams and fascinating rock faces." Then we take the aerial cable car and panoramic gondola down to Kriens. The view is spectacular. From Kriens, it's a bus ride back to Lucerne. Attraction#2:
OLD TOWN LUCERNE Once we get back to Lucerne, I just want to take a stroll through the Old Town and do some sightseeing within Lucerne itself. Lucerne actually ranks amongst the world's prettiest cities! Visit the Chapel Bridge. Visit the Lion Monument. Visit the Musegg Wall. The oldest wooden bridge in Europe. The "Dying Lion of Lucerne" is one of the world's most famous monuments, carved out of natural rock in memory of Swiss mercenaries who died heroic deaths. Built in 1386, the wall is still almost entirely intact. On June 8, we will checkout from Lucerne and make our way to Interlaken. The train ride is supposed to be about 2 hours. INTERLAKEN June 8 - June 9

Hotel: $137 (1 Night Stay) Youth Hostel Interlaken Right next to Interlaken Ost train station
Just looking to spend the night at a decently prized place Attraction#1:
JUNGFRAUJOCH Mountain railway through the Alpine pastures to Europe’s highest train station.
"Top of Europe"
View from the top is incredible. Round Trip Cost: $213/person Attraction#2:
BEATUS CAVES Take a guided tour
$20/person According to legend, St. Beatus used to live at the entrance of the caves, in the 6th century, after defeating a dragon there. The cave took millions of years to create! Mirror grotto
Crystal-clear cave lake
Rushing waterfalls
40,000-year-old stalactite On June 9, we will checkout from Interlaken and make our way to Zermatt. The train ride is supposed to be 2.5 hours. ZERMATT June 9 - June 10

Hotel: $173 (1 Night Stay) About 50m from the train station
First time experiencing a studio-type room, with a fully-equipped kitchen and balcony Main Attraction:
GORNERGRAT Europe's highest open-air cog railway
Full view of the Matterhorn
Spectacular mountain panorama Round Trip Cost: $89/person Matterhorn On June 10, we will depart from Zermatt. We will be taking the Swiss Federal Railways to our next destination. The ride is about 6 hours to... ROME Hotel Derby June 10 - June 12

Hotel: $240 (2 Night Stay) Cesar Vatican Rooms Housed in a 19th-century building
Only 200m from Rome's Vatican Museums
10 minutes' walk from Saint Peter's Square Transportation: $38 Day 1
Daily ticket
Unlimited metro, bus, and train travel within Rome
$16 Day 2
Single ticket costs: $4
Taxi: $18 Day 1 Of all the places that we plan on visiting, Italy is by far my favourite. Not only is it defined by tremendous history, but it is also filled with great romance. And in my opinion, Italy is the perfect honeymoon destination! The first thing I want to do when I get there is tour Vatican City. I plan on booking a Vatican Tour with Dark Rome Tours. It is a 3 hour tour, taking us to some of the more significant sites in the city. We will take the tour at 9AM.

Cost: $78/person ST. PETER'S BASILICA CHURCH SISTINE CHAPEL VATICAN MUSEUMS The most renowned work of Renaissance architecture
One of the largest churches in the world
The burial site of Saint Peter, the first Bishop of Rome Michelangelo’s Pieta The Main Altar Official residence of the Pope in Vatican City
Famous for its architecture and decoration
Site of the Papal conclave, the process by which a new Pope is selected Our guide will explain the stories and characters hidden in the work by Michelangelo. Ancient sculptures, tapestries, and paintings The famous Raphael Rooms After touring Vatican City, I would like to go visit the Colosseum. I plan on booking a Colosseum Tour with Dark Rome Tours. It is a 3 hour tour, taking us to see the Colosseum, inside and out, as well as some of its surrounding historical landmarks.

Cost: $73/person COLOSSEUM One of Ancient Rome's most vital social centers
Guide will talk us through the bloody past of the amphitheatre
Tales of gladiators and executions "The largest theatre to have ever been built in the Roman Empire" PALATINE HILL Most famous of the seven hills of Rome
Romulus and Remus said to have been found on this hill
Romulus went on to found Rome I took a classics course last year, in which I learned about all these places and the history behind them. It was my favourite course. Being able to stand in the exact place where the successor of Caesar Augustus once stood would be an incredible feeling. ROMAN FORUM Walk along the 'Via Sacra' or 'Sacred Way'
End at the Temple which houses the altar where Julius Caesar was cremated Day 2 On Day 2 in Rome (June 12), I would like to go visit the Pantheon in the morning. Something else I learned about in Classics
A temple to the Roman Gods
Incredible marble interior
After 2000 years, it is still the world’s largest unreinforced concrete dome

No fee. Tips:
I've heard that doing a lap of the Pantheon gives you an entirely different perspective on what you've seen inside
Visit the Piazza Navona afterwards
A large and lively square
Good place to hang out and have a meal Piazza Navona That same day, we will checkout and depart for our next destination. We will take a taxi from our hotel, in Vatican City, to the Roma Termini train station. From here, the ride is about 4 hours and we will arrive in... VENICE June 12 - June 14

Hotel: $482 (2 Night Stay) Hotel Paganelli Within walking distance of Piazza San Marco
Roof garden offers beautiful view of Venice When I think honeymoon, I think Venice. When I think Venice, I think romance. In my opinion, there is not a more beautiful and romantic place in the world than the one right here. If there's one place I'm looking forward to visiting the most during my trip, it's this one. Transportation: $25 Taxi to and from hotel: $25
Walking Day 1 The day we arrive (June 12), I just want to take some time to roam around in order to appreciate the city for what it is. After all, it is one of the world's most beautiful cities! It is known for its history, romance, art, and architecture. After spending the night at the hotel, I plan on us visiting the Piazza San Marco. The principal public square of Venice
Three major sights in one square:
St. Mark's Basilica
Doge’s Palace
Torre dell’Orologio ST. MARK'S BASILICA One of the finest examples of Byzantine architecture in the world
Spectacular gilded mosaics
Horses of Saint Mark For our grade 8 grad trip, we went to Quebec City. That was the time when I had visited my very first church, and it was beautiful. Ever since then, I've always liked visiting churches. Horses of Saint Mark Attraction Fee: $7/person I would also like to visit the Campanile. This is the Bell tower of St. Mark's Basilica. I want to take a lift up the tower because I've heard you get a bird's-eye-view of Venice from up there.

Attraction Fee: $11/person DOGE'S PALACE A palace built in Venetian Gothic style
Was the residence of the Doge of Venice
Now an art museum TORRE DELL'OROLOGIO Attraction Fee: $21/person I've heard that visitors to the Doge's Palace can also book a Secret Itineraries Tour. This tour takes you to parts of the palace that are off-limits during a regular visit. These include secret passageways, prisons, an interrogation room, and the infamous Bridge of Sighs. That is so cool! The tour needs to be booked in advance. Tickets are $21/person. St. Mark's Clock Tower A trip to Venice is incomplete without taking a ride in a gondola. I plan on booking a Gondola and Serenade Tour with Venice Welcome. The tour starts at 7:30PM.

Cost: $54/person Ride along the Grand Canal and minor Canali, while folk musicians and singers perform popular Italian songs
Close-up views of the Rialto Bridge Grand Canal A Minor Canal Rialto Bridge On Day 2 (June 14), we will depart from Venice early in the morning. We will checkout of our hotel, taxi back to the train station, and take the Eurail to our next destination. The train ride is supposed to be 16 hours, so I hope to arrive and check into our hotel with enough time to give us a good night's sleep. This will allow us to start the day off fresh, and ready to go in... BERLIN BELGIUM June 14 - June 16

Hotel: $274 (2 Night Stay) Transportation: $13 Berlin's tallest hotel
Great view of central Berlin
Spa center includes a sauna, gym and massages Park Inn by Radisson Berlin Alexanderplatz The Berlin Underground
Day 1
Single ticket costs: $13 I wasn't planning on spending more than one day in Berlin. So I figured the best way to tour Berlin, and get a good feel for Germany's immense history, was to take a Brewer's Best of Berlin Tour. Day 1 BREWER'S BEST OF BERLIN

Walking tour
6 hours
Daily at 10:30AM - $21/person
A historical insight into Germany's capital
Visit many different sites in one day The tour explores... Prussian Imperialism and World War I Nazi Germany and Jewish Berlin Cold War Modern Berlin "Kings and Kaisers ruled with pomp, grandeur, and iron fist" "After the disaster of World War I, the last Kaiser fled. People watched in fear as Berlin became the nerve centre of Nazi Germany" "Berlin disappeared behind the Iron Curtain and became a city of spies, escapes, clashing ideologies and finally revolution" "Berlin is now a bustling liberal metropolis, a city of tolerance and creativity" Nazi Germany and Jewish Berlin Sights include... Friedrichstrasse SS Gestapo HQ Nazi Airforce Ministry Apartment Complex on top of Hitler’s Bunker Memorial to the Murdered Jews Nazi Book Burning Square Neu Synagogue Prussian Imperialism and World War I Sights include... Brandenburger Tor Unter den Linden Lined by linden trees that were planted more than 350 years ago Museum Island Berlin Cathedral Reichstag Constructed to house the Imperial Diet Cold War Sights include... Berlin Wall Check Point Charlie Crossing point between East Berlin and West Berlin Modern Berlin Sights include... Graffiti in Tacheles The tour also includes us visiting some modern architecture, as well as learning about Berlin's music and art scene. After the tour is over, and if we're not too tired to go anywhere else, I would like to go visit the Brandenburg Gate again at night. I hear it looks spectacular. On June 16, we will checkout and depart from Berlin. We will be taking the Eurail to our next, and final, destination. The train ride is about 7 hours to... I would like to visit two places in Belgium.
Bruges After leaving Berlin, we will be arriving in Brussels first. BRUSSELS June 16 - June 17

Hotel: $95 (1 Night Stay) Don't be fooled by the price! This hotel has some pretty good reviews. Ideally located across from Brussels-South Train Station
Close to the Metro
Walking distance from Grand Place Park Inn Radisson Brussels Midi Transportation: $48 Underground metro: $11
Train to Bruges: $37 Day 1 We are only going to be spending one day (June 17) in Brussels. After visiting the places we plan on visiting, we will leave for Bruges that very night. ATOMIUM Constructed for Expo '58, the 1958 Brussels World's Fair
Partly cubic, partly spherical
Half-way between sculpture and architecture
Represents an iron crystal, magnified 165 billion times Take a lift to the panoramic sphere (direct transfer from level 0 to level 7)
Fastest lift in Europe
Panoramic view of Brussels Visit the expositions (levels 1 to 6) Attraction Fee: $15/person After visiting the Atomium, we will come back to our hotel and walk over to see the Old Town. GRAND PLACE Considered one of the most beautiful medieval squares in Europe
Architecture from 3 different eras (Baroque, Gothic, and Louis XIV)
Used to be a market place were traders and citizens sold and bought food Roam the surrounding cobblestone streets. See the Brussels Town Hall.
A Gothic building from the Middle Ages See the Manneken Pis.
Famous Brussels landmark
Small bronze fountain sculpture of a naked little boy urinating into the fountain's basin Visit the Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate.
Belgium has the best chocolate in the world. There is no way we would leave before trying some first! The night of June 17, we will leave for Bruges. BRUGES June 17 - June 19

Hotel: $206 (2 Night Stay) Transportation: $26 Located in the heart of medieval Bruges
Rooms offer view of one of the most picturesque canals in between the two oldest bridges of the city Côté Canal B&B Day pass: $13 (Day 1)
Taxi: $13 (Day 2) Entrance Fee: $7/person Bruges is a popular medieval city in Europe. It is one of the most perfectly preserved cities. It is also the World Heritage Site of UNESCO. The Canals of Bruges
Bruges by Boat Tour
Discover Bruges through the city canals
$10/person Burg Square & City Hall
The Burg is one of the city's most beautiful squares
Defined by its 14th-century city hall
Gothic hall
19th century murals and colourful vaulted ceiling
$4/person Almhouses ("Godshuizen")
Tiny villages within the city
Built mainly for seniors and poor people Frietmuseum
Museum dedicated to Belgian fries
Shows the entire history, from the origin of the potato to the fries
An opportunity to taste real Belgian fries in the medieval basement On Day 2 (June 19), we will depart from Bruges. We will take a taxi to Station Brugge, and from there take the Eurail. The ride is about 3.5 hours and we will arrive back in... After arriving in London, we will have to take the underground rail to Heathrow Airport to catch our flight back home.

Underground Rail Cost: $12 TRIP OVERVIEW TOTAL COST After calculating everything, the total cost of my trip comes to $11 752. This is taking into account all extra expenditures, including food, souvenirs, and shopping. Important Conversions:
1 Euro = $1.34 Cad
1 Swiss franc = $1.08 Cad
1 Pound = $1.53 Cad All figures have been rounded to the nearest whole number. FINAL THOUGHTS This trip means a lot to me. I've always wanted go to Europe...seriously, always! The idea of traveling with my future husband occurred to me a few years ago, and ever since then I have been set on carrying out this plan. I figured there was no better place to have a honeymoon. It would be an experience of a lifetime! REFERENCES LONDON


•http://www.raileurope-world.com/ ROME


•http://www.bvg.de/index.php/en/index.html BRUSSELS

•http://www.delijn.be/en/vervoerbewijzen/index.htm HOTEL BOOKINGS

*All images from google images. Entrance Fee: $8/person
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