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The Helpful Part of Pierce the Veil

No description

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of The Helpful Part of Pierce the Veil

The Helpful Part of
They are Funny
The guys from post hardcore band Pierce the Veil are good role models
Pierce the Veil has a slogan that says “a real friend does not let their friends do drugs.” Vic is especially the main role model in PTV. He wrote a song in honor of a young fan who had committed suicide. The song is called "Bulls in the Bronx". They make music not just for the fame but also to help their fans out.They are the band your parents would be cool with you associating with.
PTV lyrics can make you feel better
There are many stories on the internet of teens saying that PTV’s lyrics helped them through suicide or depression.
When fans see them they cry and call them heroes.
Their lyrics are very emotional, especially if you’re in the songs’ situation.
They have a song called Hold on Till May, in that song Vic says “A girl I used to date once told me that her parents neglected her as a child. She remembered climbing this tree in her backyard and hiding from them just to see if they would look for her, or even noticed she was gone. I always thought it was such a sad story.”
That song tells you something about why they do music.
Depressed people should listen to Pierce the Veil. Their lyrics will make you feel better. The band members are funny, good role models, and are very inspiring.
Vic Fuentes, Mike Fuentes, Tony Perry, Jaime Preciado
Some say they're not
There are people who said that they are stupid and not funny. Well in order to be funny you have to act silly. They're just hating.
Not good role models?
Some people say that this is not true and it is just a bunch of lies to get more fans, but that is not true. People who say that might not even had the chance to get to know the band better. Research the band before you start to judge their music and them.
Vic, Mike, Tony, and Jaime are some inspiring guys
The band is not just about putting music out and showing off but also helping people through it. There are many people who get inspired by them all the time. That is why there are new bands coming up saying that Pierce the Veil inspired their music and them.
They are not inspiring? what?
There are people who say they are not even inspiring and who would be inspired by those morons. Maybe PTV is not inspiring to them because they don't even know who they are exactly.
No meaning to their lyrics?
People who have no problems in their lives see no meaning in their lyrics. They just say its only a bunch of words coming together.
Take a listen to Pierce the Veil when you're feeling down, or you can just check them out in your free time. They will not fail to make you feel better. People with emotional problems should listen to Pier the Veil because their lyrics send an encouraging message to make you feel better. They are funny, good role models, funny, and inspire their listeners. Pierce the Veil lyrics are said to be the most describing and sentimental words by thousands of people in the world.
The End
Pierce the Veil
Hold on Till May acoustic
Story behined Bulls in the Bronx
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