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Pick Us

Louis Jones

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of GreenvilleGoogleVision

Greenville Google Vision
High Speed Internet 2010
An Invitation to Google Exec's by Lou Jones
Clemson MBA grad Pay us a visit and see for yourself but fair warning,
You may want to pack some extra clothes,
Most people who come and visit Greenville, dont want to leave. Liberty Bridge, Downtown Greenville,Sc Google Exec's rushing to pick
Greenville, SC for new high speed internet rollout Google High Speed Internet
selection committee
falls for Greenville,Sc
The Falls at Reedy River Park Hampton Inn Downtown Greenville
becomes favorite spot for
Google High Speed Internet
Selection Committee
Googel Exec's say "No more tiptoeing around this decision",
Falls Park on the Reedy River
Greenville, SC Google Exec's follow brige to success
Liberty Bridge, Greenville, SC Google by day
Greenville by night
a rock solid investment Google and Greenville - The first node on the new
super high speed internet.
Visit Gnet.com/greenville for more details
Liberty Bridge - Greenville, SC
Google Exec's visit Greenville, SC
prior to making final decision on
location of high speed internet end
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