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100 Montaditos Marketing Plan

No description

Maria Isabel Carrasquero

on 23 April 2015

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Transcript of 100 Montaditos Marketing Plan

100 Montaditos Marketing Plan
Target Market
Marketing Mix
The App will allow consumers to:

Pre-purchase food/Customize orders

Order food to your home

Earn reward points

Be informed: store locations

Access Coupon Codes

In-Store offers and Events

100 Montaditos
100 Montaditos is an international
fast casual
restaurant chain that was founded in the year 2000 in Spain.
United States has a total of 14 locations:
- Florida
- New York
- Washington D,C
Media Channels
100 Montaditos will seek to grab the attention of they're target market with the help of several media channels.

These chosen channels will serve as a way to promote the campaign, as well as to deliver information about events, sales promotions, etc.

They will also help the brand allowing them to communicate with their customers, and therefore build stronger relationships with them.
Magazine Ads:
Good Food, Taste, Lucky, People
"Flamenco Night"
Spanish Tradition
Every Friday
Ages: 21 - 45
Occupation: College, First or Second Job
Gender: Male and Female

Open minded
People with interests in other cultures
Fun seekers
Ambition to travel
Budget conscious

Major cities with existing or future 100 Montaditos localities
(New York City, Miami, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Providence, San Diego, San Francisco, Houston, Atlanta, etc)

Specialize in the sale of 100 different types of sandwiches, which they call “montadito”.
Continue providing customers with high quality food for a low price.
100 Montadito’s mission is to become a well-known restaurant chain in the United States.

They want to provide customers with an experience that separates them from other fast casual restaurants
Financial Goals
Obtain financing to expand manufacturing capabilities and to increase growth in the U.S

Increase revenues by at least 50 percent each year.
Develop stronger electronic storefront; enhancing online and mobile presence.
Reinforce brand perception and build stronger relationships with customers. (brand loyalty)

Increase number of locations around the U.S (500 stores per year)
Nonfinancial Goals:
Marketing Mix

Media outlets
Maria Isabel Carrasquero
9 - 23 - 2015

100 Montaditos seeks to utilize a product development strategy.
(not only sandwiches)
Open a "delivery" option to make their services more accessible and convenient

To increase brand loyalty:
Utilize social media platforms
(Facebook, Twitter)
Utilize social media tools
(App, QR codes)
Host events that will attract customers
100 Montaditos App
Soccer Afternoons:

Enjoy the game at the restaurant
Special discounts + Happy Hour
UEFA Champions League
Premier League
FIFA World Cup
"Build the Best Montadito" Contest
Contest in which customers will be allowed to build a unique meal with typical spanish ingredients
Winner receives a prize
TV ads:
Food Network,
FOX Sports, ESPN
ABC TV network
Interactive/Social Media
Outdoor Ads
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