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Do Nice Employees Finish Last

No description

rodger cross

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Do Nice Employees Finish Last

Do Nice Employees Finish Last?
A Story By Rodger Cross
Mrs.Dwights 7B2 Class
April 26th,2010 Mr.William was a fine man at his work.He was alawys trying to help people when they asked for it. On a Tuesday Mr.William was coming
into work and was stoped by one of
his cowoorkers who was Darlene Peterson. She told Mr.William that their
boss wanted to see him in his
office. Mr.William was told by his boss
that he was fired.Mr.William was
so mad that he told his boss
he was taking them to court. Mr.William packed his bags
and left the job.When he started
out the door he asked his boss why
was he getting fired after all that
he did for his coworkers. His boss said to him that work
wasn't about helpig people,it
was about getting the task at
hand finished. Mr.William said that was wrong and told
his boss that work was about getting the job
done but it was also about helping out your
coworkers also. His boss thought about what Mr.William said and thought that it was a fine idea so he hired Mr.William back. Mr.William thought it over lunch
with his boss and said that he
would come back. Eveyone at the buisness was satisfide that Mr.William
would be coming back so they threw a overnight party
at the office. Mr.William ended up not taking his boss to court and stayed at his job and made a defference to his work habits and to his
bosses aditude. Mr.William is a good role model now at his work and he is still helping out his fellow coworkers. THE END
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