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WHS CRAAP Website Evaluation

How to use the CRAAP test to evaluate websites.

Katherine Steiger

on 11 March 2011

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Transcript of WHS CRAAP Website Evaluation

CRAAP Currency Relevance Authority Accuracy Purpose The CRAAP test was developed at California State University, Chico.

It is a way to remember what to look for in a good website. Anyone with the time and Internet access can publish a website. No one checks the Internet for accuracy. Search engines retrieve pages based on content, not on quality. When was the information posted or updated?

Does this site have 'dead' links? Who is this site written for?

Does it answer your question?

Is there enough infomation? Who owns the site?

Who wrote this page? Look at the domain name for clues:
.com - commercial
.edu - educational
.gov - government
.net - network
.org - organization (not always) Where did the information come from?
Are the sources cited?
Are there typos or factual errors? What is the purpose of the site?

Inform? Teach? Sell? Entertain?

Is there bias? Why do I need to evaluate a website? If you don't evaluate it, no one else will. Someone checks a book for accuracy before it is published. And only a small part of that is good for educational purposes. So, how do you know if a website is OK for your assignment? You use the CRAAP test! Garbage in...
...garbage out.
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