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Things you need

No description

Xavier Hisatake

on 14 April 2016

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Transcript of Things you need

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The Density experiment
step 2
In order to make the density levels you need to find out witch ones are more dense and least dense .

step 3
Keep using other juices and find out witch one is more dense and least dense.
Once you found out witch juice is the most dense and the least dense then start over with a new dense and enjoy your drink.
step 1
Before you begin ,guess witch juices will be more dense .You do that from looking on the back of the juice .
how does it work
It works from the particular volume of the juice .If one of the juices is more dense that means it has the most sugar .If it dosen't has that much suger its going to the top.
Things you need
Pomegranate juice
orange Juice
white grape juice
Narrow glass] More the narrow the better
Eye Dropper or turkey type baster.
Pour one of the juices into the narrow glass to fill it about 1 inch (2.5 cm) high.
Fill a dropper with another juice drop it it in into the if mixes you will have to move to another juice .
, if you have cup with 200ml of plain water, and a cup with 200 ml of water that has lots of sugar dissolved in it, the cup of sugar water will be heavier even though they are the same volume of liquid ÈH[š\ÚX›HÝYØ\ˆ[ÛXÝ[\È\™H\Ü\œÙY[ˆHØ]\‹XZÚ[™È]X]šY\ˆ
Thanks for watching my prezi.
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