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Revision G6 Youth, Women, Living Standards, Persecution

Y8 Lesson M10

Laurie Johnston

on 9 June 2017

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Transcript of Revision G6 Youth, Women, Living Standards, Persecution

What do you know now?

In your books answer the question:


What do you know now?

Exit Progress -

In order to demonstrate that you have met the red/green/blue objective complete the

Progress Check 2- Books

In order to demonstrate that you have met the red, blue and green objectives :

Explain why
Statement - do you agree ?
Progress Check- books
How did your partner get on?
Fill in your peer assessment sheet

When you get your own sheet back put in how you would improve your own learning.

We will read pages:

Helpful Hints:
To get a C grade what language are you using? Can you use historical key terms?
Economic/Social/Political Económico / social / político.


Today's words?
Do Now
We will read pages :

Helpful Hints:
To get a C grade what language are you using? Can you use historical key terms?
Economic/Social/Political Económico / social / político.

We will read pages 30, 31, 32

Adewumi, Matilda, Adah, Anais, Krystal, Micah, Alexander, Chantelle, Saffron, Sydney, Elle, Ramliz, Novella, Janet, Nasser, Louis, Halimat, Jaheim, Michelle, Casey, Micaiah, Alex
Helpful Hints:
To get a C grade what language are you using? Can you use historical key terms?
Economic/Social/Political Económico / social / político

How do you feel about these objectives at the moment?
What is your target level?
What are you going to aim for today?
Put your post it on your progress line

How do you feel about these objectives at the moment?
What is your target level?
What are you going to aim for today?

By the end of the lesson (targets) -
All of you: Will explain (4-5)

Most of you: Will analyse (6-7)

Some of you : Will evaluate/examine (8-9
Give examples if you can for every word
Title: Women, Youth, Living Standards, Persecution
Date: 7th June 2017
KEYWORD ONE- BDM, HJ, PIMPFEN, Edelweiss Pirates
KEYWORD TWO - Kinder, Kuche, Kirche
KEYWORD THREE - DAF, RAD, Rearmament, SdA, KdF, Standard of Living
RECAP: Last time in history we learnt that:
Germany a Republic after WW1
The T of V harsh, Weimar blamed for signing it
Democratic Constitution- weak government
economic problems- hyperinflation
PUTSCHES - left & right
Stresemann restored Germany's economy & international standing but..
problems of unemployment, weak government, extreme parties & US loans
Hitler blamed Jews/Communists for WW1
Hitler controlled NSDAP by 1920
By 1924 - 50 000+ members & private army - the SA
1923 Hitler - Munich Putsch
Hitler jailed - party banned but H. famous changed tactics - Mein Kampf
1924-29 party reorganised & better funded (Krupp etc.)
propaganda clear, modern & made use of new technology
SA 400000+ - the SS was begun
own newspaper but only 2.8% of vote in 1928 (12 MP's)
Great Depression - German business failure
6m unemployed by 1932
collapse of German banks & overseas markets
government cut benefit & raised taxes but its response was weak
people lost savings and homes - terrible poverty
The Nazis offered different messages to different groups - hope/strong leadership/jobs for workers - /smash communists for M/C/ big business/farmers/protect family for women
clear simple messages - discipline/leadership/anti-Jews/scrap T of V/expand Germany
people turned to the NSDAP & KPD - workers favoured the KPD but those with something to lose turned to the NSDAP
Hitler became Chancellor in January 1933 at the prompting of Von Papen
VP and Hindenburg thought they could control Hitler
They needed his NSDAP votes in the Reichstag
Hitler called a new election which he won but no majority
The Reichstag Fire gave Hitler the excuse he needed to weaken the KPD
Banning KPD deputies gave him the 2/3 majority to get the Enabling Act passed
Hitler used the EA to ban parties, TU's, local govt., censor the press, arrest without trial, search houses, ban strikes
Hitler removed SA opposition using the SS
on Hindenburg's death Hitler combined his role with the Presidency to become the Fuhrer
Germany was now a one-party police state controlled by Hitler
INDEX CARD #5 Police, Propaganda and Censorship
New laws - anti nazi jokes, listening to foreign radio stations
SS 'PROTECTIVE CUSTODY' for breaking law or opposing Nazis
GESTAPO - secret police - spying. Relied on INFORMERS - WARDENS - controlled around 40 houses
Law Courts controlled by Nazis - CONCENTRATION CAMPS - prisons
CONCORDAT (Agreement) with Catholic Church 1933 - no interference by either
Nazis broke deal by closing Catholic schools, youth groups etc.
Pope criticised Nazi treatment of minorities in 1938
Many Protestants supported the Nazis against the communists
Reich Church set up under Muller
Some were opposed to Hitler e.g. Pastors Niemoller and Bonhoffer who were sent to a camp
GOEBBELS in charge of propaganda - controlled papers/radio/art/film etc.
the Nazis burned books, shut papers, banned modern art and jazz
used posters/radio/film/rallies/plays/art/education/sport/slogans to get message out
Hitler key to Nazi propaganda 'Ein Reich, ein Volk, ein Fuhrer!' (One nation, one people, one leader)
Q1 Why did the Nazis want control over young people?

a) to make them in to good Nazis
b) to make good soldiers and Mothers
c) they hated children
d) they wanted to control everything
Q2 Why did race studies and PE feature on the timetable so much?:

a) because they had a surplus of race and PE teachers
b) they thought children really liked the subjects
c) they wanted pure and fit children
d) they had a poor understanding of science
Q3 The following were Youth Groups for BOYS:
a) Jungvolk ( 10-14)
b) Pimpfen ( 6-10)
c) Bund Deutsche Madel (10-14)
d) Hitler Jugend (14-18)

Q4 The three K's were:
a) Kinder
b) Kuche
c) Kirche
d) Kultur
Q5 the marriage loan was subject to...

a) each child knocked 25% off the loan
b) no divorce
c) the wife had to give up work
d) availability

Exit Progress - SUMMARY:

Today in History we learnt that:

INDEX CARD #6 Women, Youth,

Youth groups from 6-18 for boys (HJ 14-18) and 10-14 for girls (BDM)
No other groups allowed although some did not join
some rebellion - Edelweiss Pirates
Race studies, German History and PE at school
All to produce soldiers and mothers
Kinder, Kuche, Kirche for women, medals for babies (4, 6, 8)
Many professional women lost their jobs
Birth rate and employment stayed largely the same 1933-39
few women had more than 2 children
women paid 2/3 of man's wage

INDEX CARD#7 Standards and persecution

DAF set hours and pay
RAD - compulsory labour service for young men - poor pay and conditions
Built 7000km of Autobahn
Hitler's economic priority rearmament to be ready for war by 1939
spending rose from 3.5bn marks to 26 bn by 1939 - reduced unemployment
Better? unemployment down to 0.5m 1939, wages rose, car ownership x3
Worse? longer hours, prices rose, invisible unemployment (women, Jews, communists)
JEWS - 1933 Boycott 1935 banned army/restaurants/Nuremberg Laws - not citizens - no intermarriage 1936 banned professions 1938 register property/ID cards/Kristallnacht 1939 Ghettoes
KRISTALLNACHT - shops/synagogues smashed - 20000 Jews arrested - at least 100 killed - Jews had to pay for the damage - Jews banned from owning businesses
Other Minorities - Disabled - sterilization and euthanasia for children - Gypsies - same as Jews
Hierarchy of race: 1. ARYAN (white, blond, blue eyes) 2. Lesser races e.g. SLAVS 3. UNTERMENSCHEN (Sub-Humans) e.g. Africans 4. Lebensunwertes (not worthy of life) - Jews and Gypsies

Q6 medals for children as follows :

a. GOLD 6 children
b. Silver 5 children
c. Bronze 4-5 children
d. GOLD 8+ children
Q7 which of the following are true

a) the number of women in a job fell 1933-39
b) the birth rate increased
c) Many women had 5 or more children
d) women were paid the same as men
Q8 The DAF s :

a) was the German Labour Front
b) took the place of banned Trade Unions
c) set hours and wages
d) took the side of the workers
Q9 The RAD:

a) was the National Labour Service
b) compulsory from 1935 for young men
c) built the autobahns (70km by 1939)
d) provided excellent living conditions and wages
Q10 Rearmament :

a) focused the economy on making weapons etc.
b) reduced unemployment
c) military spending rose from 26 billion marks to 3 billion between 1933-39
d) was not a priority for the Nazis
Describe - 6
Explain - cause/consequence/change - 8
Do you agree? - 16
Keyword Four - Kristallnacht, persecution, untermenschen, lebensunwertes
Infer - 4
Explain why the Nazis could persecute minorities (8)
Explain the results of Nazi policies for women (8)
Explain how living standards changed under the Nazis

The Nazis raised living standards. Do you agree? You may use the following in your answer:
You must also use your own knowledge (16 marks)
Q11 the Nazis raised Living Standards:
a) Car ownership X 3 1930's
b) wages rose
c) 6m unemployed by 1939
d) hours increased
Q12 The Nazis did not raise Living Standards:
a) Longer hours
b) unemployment down to 0.5m by 1939
c) Prices rose
d) KdF provided holidays and leisure
Q13 the timeline of Jewish persecution:
a) 1933 1 day boycott of Jewish shops
b) 1935 Jews banned from army and restaurants
c) 1935 Nuremberg Laws - Jews no longer citizens - no intermarriage with Aryans
d) 1937 - Jews banned from being teachers, nurses, vets, dentists, doctors
e) 1941 - forced to register property and crry identity cards
f 1940 - forced to move to ghettoes
Q14 Kristallnacht 1938:
a) Jewish shops, business and synagogues attacked
b) 20000 Jews arrested
c) at least 100 killed - probably more
d) The Nazis paid for the damage
Q15 Other groups persecuted included:
a) The disabled
b) gypsies
c) Aryans
d) Jehovah Witnesses
A satirical photo-montage by John Heartfield - a socialist artist living in exile from Nazi Germany
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