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future technology

No description

Cwrt Sart

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of future technology

future technology

This is the amazing new coffee tea and or other drinks with its automatic despencer the future of drinks now lies in your hands
this new device is a baby scanner with your phone
This is the future of apple with its iphone 6 it smooth and slim but is big enough so you dont have to strain to see the screen
It's no secret, that modern computers can not do without peripherals. Mouse, keyboard , touchpad tablets - each user chooses the most convenient and functional. However, with the advent of monoblock InONE, take care of component would be not necessarily, because it is equipped with all necessary devices for a variety of activities.Stylish computer,developed by Jakub Zahor
8C1 Miss Preedy
Wing Google's gathered a small initiative group of engineers and programmers, which instructed the interesting project to create the futuristic smartphone. It must be able to in real time create the entire three-dimensional map, that is in front of him. The project was named Project Tang
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