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The Incredible Journey

this is the book we are reading in reading class

jackie shiflet

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of The Incredible Journey

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Discussion Questions By: Jackie Shiflet, Tiffany Gustafson, and Cierra Turner Short Summary Theme Are the animals meant to be personified, or is this book truly about animals?
We think that the animals are meant to be personified.
The bull terrior would be the leader, the lab would be a young teen, and the cat would be a hunter.
What makes the three main characters the same and what can make them unique about each other?
What makes them the same is that they are all animals, but what unique is that they each have a different personality and strengths.
What are people who read this supposed to learn from this book? They are supposed to learn that no matter what happening you should be there. The theme of the book is helping others. In the beginning of the book, Mr. Longridge wanted Ms. Oaks to watch his dogs while Mr. Longridge was going on a vacation. When Ms. Oaks came to watch the dogs, Mr. L left a note on a table saying, "Please order some more coffee and replace the canned food I've taken. I will be taking the dogs (and Tao, too, of course!),out for a run before I leave, and will give them something to eat, so don't let our greedy white friend tell you he is starving! Don't worry yourselves too over them- I know they will be fine." . A while later, Ms. O, finds the note on the table but only half of it. So, she thinks that he took them with. Later on they met a bear and fought off the older dog got wounded. After that they met some Native Americans who took them in to clean up the wounds on the bull terrior, and pretty much housed them, until they left.
In the middle of the book, the dog trys to get the cat to swim across the river. The cat ends up not being able to swim well and the dogs pretty much leave her there, until a little girl comes and rescuses her. The cat stays with the little girl and her family for a night or two, until she is done with them then leaves. Later on the dogs continue the journey without the cat. Sooner or later they come in contact with fisherman, but the shy fisherman disappeared in one swift fluid movement. They also found a porcupine to eat, before the flesh gets sweet and tender, the Labrodor gets pricked in the nose by it.
In the end, you'll have to find out what happens. Main Characters If The Theme Were Different The dogs whose names are unidentified The cat named Tao Evidence to Support the Theme In the book the animals incounter many things, like fighting for survival in the woods and they pretty much have to work together. If the the dogs and cat didn't leave the house before Mrs. Oaks came they would have had stay. And if she would have found the other half of the note she would have realized they were missing. Settings The settings on the book are
Mr. Longridges House
A camp with Natives
The woods
A river
The Nurmi family
A hunter
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