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No description

Jemma Williams

on 6 April 2014

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Transcript of @AnchorCreations

Days we are available for service
Follow us on Instagram soon!
Follow us on Instagram and make sure to like!
Our Account!
We are available most days but our best days are:
During the afternoon
We are online only, follow us on Instagram!
If you have any questions make sure to give us a direct message us on Instagram showing exactly what you're wondering. We are also up for requests and will try our best!
~Jemma & Mia
Feel free to give us advice but please be nice about it! If you have any ideas for us please contact us via Instagram!
We only deliver to people we know though there will be plenty of exceptions!
Jemma & Mia

We sell handcrafted stuff:
Handy and helpful accessories!
Our Latest Creation
If you like what you see here contact us on Instagram @AnchorCreations
Hi, Jemma&Mia here!
We sell hand-crafted goodies and a low price! Make sure to follow us on Instagram as soon as possible!
If you have tried searching us on Instagram and you're out of luck please be patient. We do not yet have our Instagram account running but as soon as it is running we will be sure to inform you.
~Jemma and Mia
Who are we? We're two girls who have made
an account for your convenience. If you have
any questions about us please ask them though we will not tolerate rude and personal comments.
Jemma's Favs
1~saftey pin bracelets
2~braided and beaded bracelets
3~paper caravans and typewriters
4~sleeping masks
5~MagicPaper key rings
6~iPhone charging cradle
7~Belt weaving
8~Zippy pencil cases
9~Nut Necklaces
10~Ear bud pouch
11~ Pencil/makeup purses
12~photo boards
13 ~skittles pencil case
14~Bird Nest Necklaces
15~Pin Cushions
Mia's Favs
1~Mini Apple Pouches
2~Bow Pencil Cases
3~Cute Animal Bookmarks
4~ Twig and String Letters
5~ Colorful Duct Tape Pencils
6~Magazine Bead Bracelet
7~Jewel Necklaces
8~ Jar o Acorns
9~ Felt Paper Envolopes
10~ Cord Organisers
11~ Pretty Braclets
12~ Pin Art
13~ Zip Bracelets
14~ Jar o Fireflies
15~ Melted Crayons Canvas

Mia's Favs
Jemma's Favs
Our First Set of Creations:
~ Duct Tape Pencils
~Ear Bud Pouches
~ Jewel Necklaces
~ Washer Necklaces
~ Bracelets
Got Any Ideas? Please comment
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