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The Evolution of Rap & Hip-Hop in Music Videos

Africa & Caribbean is the foundation of rap 2001 1990s 1980s The History Of Rap Rap Timeline 1979 1970s Rap started as kind of a street art among African American teenagers. Sugarhill Gang started it all with their album "Rapper's Delight". Once they

Mo san

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of The Evolution of Rap & Hip-Hop in Music Videos

The Evolution of Rap & Hip-Hop Music Videos 1970s-80's Rap & Hip-Hop started out as a street art among African American teenagers in the Bronx. (Bang Bang) Salt n Pepa “Expression” (Radient Ravi)
“Lets talk about sex” (SaltnPepaVevo)
Queen Latifah “Ladies first” (1990spaceghost)
‘U.N.I.T.Y” (QueenLatifahVEVO) The Ladies Public Enemy “Fight the power (kfidgs)

Krs-One “You must learn KRS-1 (HHShop) Political Big Daddy Kane - “Smooth Operator”
LL Cool J - “I Need Love” Rap sex symbols Kid n Play-“Rollin with kid n play”
EU “Da Butt”
Africa Bambaataa “Planet Rock”
House party dance scene GO-GO sound Sugarhill Gang 1979 Aired in 1988 with Host Fab Five Freddy Karrine Steffans
~The Video Vixen~ Delores Tucker Tupac Controversy Moving forward to the 1990's Rap and Hip-Hop in the 90’s era transitioned from dancing to being "gangster".
Violence, drugs, money, and objectifying women started to become the norm in music videos. From Dancing & Fun
Gangsters, Objectifying Women & Guns Women Money, Sex, Drugs, Alcohol, Partying=Music Men 2000’s Era In the 1990s rap matured from old-school relatively simple lyrics, to new-school louder and complex lyrics.
At that this time Bad Boy's Notorious B.I.G. & Death Row's Tupac & Snoop Dogg were skyrocketing the charts. This is when the East vs. West Coast Beef ignited. Nelly sparks nationwide controversy with tip drill video and causes a Spellman University Protest.
He was scheduled to speak at the school to find a bone marrow donor for his sister but cancelled it due to the outrage among the women. Nelly’s Tip-Drill Video Sparks Controversy Congresswoman Delores Tuckers strikes back at rappers for their vulgar lyrics and videos that sexually demean women. vs. Sleeping with a bunch of women.
Rich. Depicted as a sex object.
Inferior to men.
Beautiful. The End Finally! Due to technological advancement in social media, songs can become viral instantaneously, through: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc Music Becoming Viral 21 Million songs were illegally downloaded or shared Illegally Downloaded Music In 2012, for all genres of music, 1,661,000,000 albums, singles, music videos, and digital tracks were sold Music Sales
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