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Perks of Being a Wallflower: ISU

Mr. Young's A.N. Myer Grade Ten English ISU Novel

Dan Vu

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Perks of Being a Wallflower: ISU

Perks of Being a Wallflower Presentation by Dan Vu Perks of Being a Wallflower: Archetypes Connection: The Siege & Perks of Being a Wallflower Tragic Hero: The Siege & Perks of Being a Wallflower Media Product Plot Summary Charlie is coping with the suicide of his friend, Michael and about to begin his first year of high school. To help with his fear of going to high school, Charlie starts writing letters to a stranger, someone he heard was nice but has never met in person. These letters are how the book is written out. At school, Charlie gets to know his English teacher and forms a bond with him that ends up with Bill being his mentor. He also overcomes his shyness and approaches a classmate, Patrick, who along with his step-sister Sam become Charlie’s best friends. During the course of the school year, Charlie has his first date and his first kiss, he deals with bullies, he experiments with drugs and drinking, and he makes friends, loses them, and gains them back. Charlie discovers a secret about his best friend Patrick and Brad who is a known jock at their school. Charlie finds out that they’ve been secretly dating and through that becomes closer to Patrick. Over time, Brad is caught by his father and stops talking to Patrick which changes Patrick completely from the humorous and care free senior to a mess. Charlie and Patrick's friendship grows as they sneak out late together to drink and get high for Patrick to forget. Along with the fun of high school, mistakes were made that brought Charlie back into an unstable condition mentally. A disturbing family secret that Charlie has repressed for his entire life is brought back to Charlie at the end of the school year. Charlie has a severe mental breakdown and ends up hospitalized. Charlie's final letter ends with hope. He talks about getting released from the hospital, forgiving his aunt Helen for what she did to him, finding new friends during sophomore year, and trying his best not to be a wallflower. Charlie hopes to get out of his head and into the real world and begin participating in life instead of watching from the sidelines. Charlie is the transcendent hero archetype. His fatal flaw of honesty brings his downfall. Charlie had been honest about who he had truly thought was the most beautiful girl in the room and kissed them. He had been dared to kiss the most beautiful girl in the room that his girlfriend and the girl he was truly in love was in. He ends up kissing Sam and this had led to his first downfall as he lost his friends and became more mentally unstable. (Page 135-136)
He had another fatal flaw which had been loving too much. he had loved his Aunt Helen more than anything and throughout the book, he continuously talked about her. At the end of the book, Charlie is put back in the hospital and gets help and the memories of his aunt molesting him are surfaced. This had been his second down fall as it led to him becoming mentally unstable and almost harming himself. (Page 208-209) Charlie is his own shadow archetype of the book as he struggles in a fight with himself. After the loss of his best friend who had committed suicide and his Aunt Helen, he is no longer psychologically stable and fights the darker side of his mind. Throughout the book, he fights between allowing himself to be happy or breaking down. In the end, Charlie as the hero of the novel wins over his shadow archetype as he promises to get better for sophomore year. (Page 208-209) The Platonic Ideal had been Sam who helped Charlie the hero in his journey for identity. She has inspired him to start living his life and participating instead of just watching. She is a key character that helps Charlie grow as an adolescence. They also have a sexual encounter where as soon as she touched him, it triggers his suppressed memories and discovers the truth about his childhood and Aunt Helen. Both the novel Perks of Being a Wallflower and the movie The Siege have tragic heroes which we can make a connection between. Alice Craft, one of the main characters of the movie had the core characteristic of secretive. This had been her fatal characteristic. As the tragic hero, it led to her death. This connects to Charlie who had also been the tragic hero. His fatal flaw of loving too much ends up blinding him from the truth about his Aunt and leads to his mental break and being institutionalized. In the novel, Charlie's core characteristic had caused the downfall for Charlie multiple times. He loved Sam too much even though she had been interested in everyone but him and it led to him holding onto how he felt about her and kissing her while he was dating Mary Elizabeth. Also, his fatal flaw had been the main cause of his problems. His problems had first developed when his best friend committed suicide and when his Aunt Helen died. He had loved them both so much that losing them became unbearable and left him constantly breaking down and eventually completely tore him apart as he ended up in the hospital. Alice Craft's secretive characteristic had left her on three different sides during the movie. She had been helping Samir, Anthony and General Deboro who all three had a different outlook on how to handle the terrorist attacks. This had ended in her not being trusted by Anthony when he figured out her lie. It had also prevented her from being honest with Anthony about her plans with Samir. She ended up alone with Samir who had been the last cell of the terrorist attack. Samir ends up shooting Alice which had been her downfall.
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