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The Lottery Day Two

Foreshadowing. Students will identify foreshadowing to predict the lottery is not as pleasant as they thought.

Vincent Amendolare

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of The Lottery Day Two

The Lottery Day 2 SWBAT identify details within the townspeople’s words and actions that foreshadow the event's future and, based upon the new details they identify, continue to make predictions about the story’s future events. OBJECTIVE Key Points Foreshadowing is a literary device. Authors use it to provide details that give hints or clues about a story’s future events. Hints or clues of these two kinds can help us foreshadow future events:
Dialogue between characters
Actions of/between characters Because characters’ words and actions inform us how they feel about an event, they hint at what the event will entail. Foreshadowed clues can be used to make predictions. To do this, I should ask myself: how does the foreshadowing the author provides make me alter my previous prediction about the story’s future events? "Are you excited for the party?" Drew asked Erin.
"Yes- but do you think Jake will be there?" Erin asked.
"I hope not- I don't want to see him!" Drew responded.
"Same here." Erin said as her heart started racing at the thought of seeing Jake this weekend. Step 1- Notice what characters say and do. Step 2: Ask myself: based upon what they say and do, how do the characters seem to feel about an upcoming event? Based on the way Drew and Erin talked about seeing Jake a the party, I think that they do not want to see him this weekend.
Based on the fact that Erin's heart started racing when thinking about the chance that she might see Jake, I think she is nervous about seeing him. Step 3: Ask myself: given how the characters seem to feel, what does the author suggest this event entails? Because Erin and Drew are worried and nervous about seeing Jake at the party, I predict that it might not be a fun event. During Reading Words/ Actions Foreshadowing How Do Characters Feel Reading Guide (10-13) (14-16) (17-19) (20) (21-25) (26-27) (28-31) (32) (33-39) (40-42) (43) (44-47) DO NOW Think about how a detective solves a crime. What methods do they use to find the criminal? What do they use to make these predictions? (10-20)
(41-47) Group Identification Four Groups Identify words and actions in the story
Relate words and actions to character feelings
Use feelings to predict what the future events in the lottery will be like EXIT TICKET RAGE and SHOW ME WHAT YOU KNOW! 1. In your own words, what is the definition of foreshadowing? 2. What specific pieces of evidence look for in the text to identify foreshadowing? (2 things) 3. Make a prediction about the type of event the lottery will be in the future using foreshadowing. Use 2 examples from the text.
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