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Katy Perry

No description

Quinn D

on 19 March 2015

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Transcript of Katy Perry

Katy Perry
Bumpy Road
After changing her pop star name. She wanted to do this so badly so she rote 19 songs for Columbus Records and they sighed her. Katy's 19 songs are some of the populist songs she rote.Thats just the start of Katy Perry.
Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson came into this world
Fun Fact
Fun Fact
Katy Perry named her cat Kitty Purrry.
A Star Is Born
on October 25, 1984. At a St. Joseph hospital in Santa Barbara, California. Katheryn grew up with her parents Keith and Mary,big sister, Angela,and David Hudson.As Katheryn got older she started singing more and more! Katy took singing lesions at age 9!
A Young Artist
Katheryn sang at the Church her dad preached at.Her dad would give her $10 for singing catholic songs at restaurants,at family functions, and everywhere else.She also learned how to play guitar at age 13. She tried to be the girl with the electric blue guitar.But she failed to be herd.
Katheryn had a bumpy road not a very smooth road like other pop star sensations. Katheryn dissieted it was time to change the name.It started out as Katy Hudson but she felt it sounded to much like a actor named Kate Hudson.
Katy Perry got slimed at the 2010 Nickelodelodeon Kids Choice Awards.

+ + + =

I bet Kitty perry likes the smell alot more than katy.
teenager Young Adult Now
Thanks For Watching
And For More Katy Perry
By: Quinn Purple
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