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Mercury: Senor QuickSilver

No description

Nancy Tan

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Mercury: Senor QuickSilver

Señor QuickSilver
It is unsure of who the Mercury Element was discovered by, but it has been known and used since Ancient times.
Ancient Chinese and Hindus knew of Mercury since before 2000 BC and was found in vials in Ancient tombs dated from 1500 BC. Mercury was used by the Greeks in ointments and the Romans unfortunately used it in cosmetics.
Additional Powers
Mercury reacts with the following elements to form compounds making mercury more reactive. Thus, giving Senor QuickSilver his additional powers:

mercury difluoride (Mercury and Fluoride)
Hg + F2 = HgF2

mercury dichloride (mercury and Chlorine)
Hg + Cl2 = HgCl2

dimercury dibromide (Mercury and Bromine)
Hg + Br2 = HgBr2
The Chemical Symbol, Hg is taken from the Latin word, "hydrargyrus" which means "liquid silver"
Fantastic Four
Mercury aligned with Bromine, Hydrogen and Chlorine (the Halogens) would make an excellent superhero team because Br, H and Cl mixed with Hg would each make a compound.
Mercury and Bromine: Hg2Br2
Mercury and Chlorine: HgCl2
Mercury and Hydrogen: HgH2

The team would be called "Merchalogens"
Influence for Evil: Humans
Mercury has a number of effects on humans, that can all of them be simplified into the following main effects:
- Disruption of the nervous system
- Damage to brain functions
- DNA damage and chromosomal damage
- Allergic reactions, resulting in skin rashes, tiredness and headaches
- Negative reproductive effects, such as sperm damage, birth defects and miscarriages

Damaged brain functions can cause degradation of learning abilities, personality changes, tremors, vision changes, deafness, muscle incoordination and memory loss. Chromosomal damage is known to cause mongolism.

Influence for Evil: Environment
Mercury from soils can accumulate in mushrooms.
Acidic surface waters can contain significant amounts of mercury. When the pH values are between five and seven, the mercury concentrations in the water will increase due to mobilisation of mercury in the ground.
Once mercury has reached surface waters or soils microrganisms can convert it to methyl mercury, a substance that can be absorbed quickly by most organisms and is known to cause nerve damage. Fish are organisms that absorb great amounts of methyl mercury from surface waters every day. As a consequence, methyl mercury can accumulate in fish and in the food chains that they are part of.

Influence for Evil: Animals
The effects that mercury has on animals are kidneys damage, stomach disruption, damage to intestines, reproductive failure and DNA alteration.

Super Powers
Mercury is in liquid form in room temperatures:
Senior Quick Silver can easily seep through tight spaces like doorway gaps to chase or temporarily hide from the enemy without being as easily noticed as if he were a solid being.
Mercury can withstand large amounts of pressure.
Mercury is a toxic substance:
Animals and humans can't be too close to Senor QuickSilver because being exposed to all that Mercury can cause them harm in many ways.
Senor QuickSilver can withstand temperatures up to 356.7 degrees Celsius before boiling and -38.83 degrees Celsius before melting.
Statistics: Mercury
Symbol: Hg
Atomic Number: 80
Density as a solid: 13.534 g/cm3
State at room temperature: Liquid
Colour: Silver/Grey
Texture: Smooth
Lustre: Metallic
Light Transmission: Opaque
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