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Google's globalisation

No description

Natasha Tareen

on 4 January 2015

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Transcript of Google's globalisation

How was google formed?
Why did Google move to other countries?
Google (and other companies) move to other countries to gain the benefit. Since Google is a large company, it could discourage local competitors.
Are there any winners or losers due to their globablisation?
Google benefits from its internationalisation, but perhaps small, local companies could find this to be a disadvantage, as it means there is more competition.
and statistics
Google's globalisation
Main signature products
It started as a project in 1996 in Stanford
University, Mountain View California. by Larry Page and Sergey Brin.
Brin and Page used the
This number is 1
their website
Google's Offices
The main office is 'Googleplex' in Mountain
View, California, but there are over 70
offices in 40 different countries.
Google Quiz
Q1.) What year did the Google project start?
Q2.) Name three products by Google
Q3.) Where is Googleplex located?
Q4.) How many searches does google get per second?
Q5.) Who started Google?

Mountain View, California
40,000 Searches per second
Larry Page and Sergey Brin
Google (search engine)
Google glass
Chrome OS
Facts about Google
- In 2013, about 91% of Google's $55.5 billion revenue was from advertisement alone
- Google's search index contains more than 100 million gigabytes worth of information
- It may be the only company which wants to REDUCE the amount of time people spend on its site
- Google has photographed over 5 million miles of road for its Street View setting in Google Earth
- The first Google doodle was in August, 1998. It was of 'Burning Man', a desert in Nevada. The Google crew wanted people to know where they were going to be for the next few days, and why they can't fix their server problems right away
(They also had an exclamation mark
next to their logo like Yahoo!)
They intended to call
BackRub, but instead,
interpretation of the word 'googol'.
with one hundred zeros following.
amount of search results the website
it represents the
google gets 40,000 searches a day.
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