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Journey to the Amazing Mind map World

This prezi was made for my presentation for a learning organization. We, staffs of Jeobuk Local Government, Korea, started to study the mind map from that day.

Lee Kyungmoon

on 29 March 2014

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Transcript of Journey to the Amazing Mind map World

Differences from other visualizations
Functions of Left and right brains
Human brain
1,000,000,000,000 !!
Human brain's Potential ?
the most big receptivity in the Universe
equal to a huge octopus
, a thousands of feelers
Can be used for :
General guidelines
start in the center with an image : topic---3 colors
use images, symbols, codes,
select keywords
each word/image is best alone, sitting on its own line
the lines should be connected, starting from center image
make lines the same length
use multiple colors throughout mapping
develop your personal style
use emphasis and show associations
keep the MP clear by using radial hierarchy, numerical order or outlines to embrace your branches
Tony Buzan's Population since 1960s
Journey to the Mind map world

Process of thinking
Great Genius' note books
My view :
IQ < EQ + passion, hard work
Vertical vs Radian thinking
boring, stiff, exam, monotone, headache.....

to hide keywords
to be hard to make memory
to interrupt creative thinking
to waste time
outline framework design
structure/relationship representations
manage of words and visuals
express creativity
team-building or synergy creating activities
enhance work morale
leaning : all subjects etc.
concept map
modeling graphics
Other visualizations
cognitive map
social map
semantic network
tree structure
Dec.18, 2013, www.ted.com

The Power of a Mind Map'
mind map
새 새 초
to study the basic skill of Mind map
to think my list of reading books in lifelong
to think the outline of my self-improvement
to consider my plan for voluntary service
to design so-called "Room for self-revolution

manage autonomously
don't consider his/her age, position, and gender
all of us are 39 yeas at present
* are you lost or gain?
to attend with a absent
to complete the tasks
to protect all of members' personal information
to cooperate among family member, pursue plans

program 1 :

practice Mind mapping

ㅡㅁㅁto master Mind map
(in foct, it is very easy!}

to re-make life plan
to review past

ㅁㅁㅁㅁㅁㅁ새 추ㅠ새 새 to try to change everything for growth, prosperity

새ㅣ 새새새

to level-up my competition
i will try to change everything for my excellent future
nothing is impossible!
i can change all of thing without exception
i am ready to dare any risk and danger, i.e. failure, death, and authorities
i never doubt my resolution, capability, plan...
i don't fear to myself, which including mistakes, faults, weakness, backgrounds

use only images or words
use images +words+code..
< keywords >
mind, tomorrow, love..
program 2 :

mind mapping on various topics
< main topics >
1] family management,
i.e. to build a excellent family, family culture
2] plan of life and 2014
3] reading books, list-up reading books
4] "i and web world"
5] leadership
6] how should we live?
7] my hero/heroine
8] Korean culture
9] culture of organization
10] uncertainty and risks in my life

program 3 :

short speech on the topics
program 4 :

specialists' lectures
1) speech skill
2) plan of life
Study plan
Make audacious dreams,
Challenge bravely,
Take a action without hesitation
right now!!!

Jan.25, 2014
Kyungmoon Lee

Introduction to Mind map
Change of thinking way


Leonard da Vinci
Vertical thinking
holistic thinking
left brain + right brain
Holistic thinking
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