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caden Terchanik

on 19 October 2012

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Ancient Greeks used performance enhancers in early Olympic Games
Roman Gladiators used drugs on themselves and horses EARLY USE OF STEROIDS Late 19th Century French Cyclists and Lacrosse experiment with wine and coca leaves
First seen in 1904 Olympics with marathon runner Thomas Hicks
In 1928, IAAF was the first international sporting federation to prohibit doping MODERN USE OF STEROIDS Nazis test steroids on prisoners, soldiers, and even Hitler himself
American, British, Japanese experiment with amphetamines
Early 1950s, performance enhancers cross-over to modern sports STEROIDS OUTSIDE OF SPORTS ENFORCEMENT Tommy Simpson first death due to doping in Tour de France
Leads to the IOC taking action against doping
First drug testing at the 1968 Winter Olympic Games in Grenoble, France
In 1972, IOC Administers First Full-Scale Drug Test
President Ronald Reagan signs Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988 STEROIDS IN SPORTS HIGH SCHOOL LEVEL 1.2% Usage
Risky Behaviors
Male Athlete
2.7% Highschool Seniors
Male Athlete
Athletic Scholarships - NFL
- Olympics
- Cyclists Jersey Shore
The Biggest Loser
Muscle and Fitness Television/Magazines Television/Magazines
The Internet
Toys Influences of Media Jersey Shore
The Biggest Loser
FLEX Magazine
Fitness Television/Magazines Advertisements
87% of youths between ages 12 and 17 use the Internet
When "buy steroids" is typed into Google, over 5,000,000 results appear
Anyone with Internet access can obtain steroids The Internet The Barbie Example Toys Children are exposed to unrealistic depictions of body images
Barbie is a cultural icon for little girls everywhere
"Perfect Figure"
Too much exposure to idealistic images can lead to a body image disorder know as muscle dysmorphia HEALTH EFFECTS Medical Uses Corticosteroids
-Adrenal Hormones

Anabolic Steroids
-Testosterone Hormones Negative Effects Liver
Oral Steroids
Hormones (DHT)
Sex Drive
Psychiatric Problems SPECIAL CASES Lance Armstrong
Barry Bonds
Chris Benoit Armstrong's Cycling Team
7 time Tour de France winner, stripped of titles
Possibly banned from cycling events for life
Lost Nike endorsement
Stepped down as chairman from Lives Strong
Hero to Zero Lance Armstrong Suspected of distribution of performance enhancers
BALCO Scandal
Bonds claimed he was tricked
Charged with obstruction of justice and perjury
Who's the real Home Run King? Barry Bonds Chris Benoit WWE Superstar
Steroid Abuse led to "Roid Rage"
What is "Roid Rage"?
Benoit killed his wife and son then hung himself
Toxicology reports show elevated levels of testosterone
Is it worth hurting the ones you love? Controversy "There is no coherent argument to support the view that enhancing performance is unfair; if it were, we would ban coaching and training"

Dr. Norman Frost "Steroid Hysteria: Unpacking the Claims" "Half of all recently surveyed Olympic athletes admitted that they would be willing to take a drug- even if it would kill them eventually- as long as it would let them win every event they entered in 5 years in a row"

Joseph A Califano "Winning at Any Cost: Doping in Olympic Sports" Drug Testing Accurate/Reliable?

No (Physicians, Cheating)

Yes (WADA, USADA) Conclusion Steroids have a long history

Both positive and Negative uses

Legalize it?
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