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Peter Kurten

No description

Victoria Wodark

on 29 April 2016

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Transcript of Peter Kurten

Resonsible for various sexual assaults.
His first murder was Christine Klein -- sexually assaulted and stabbed in her home. Cologne May 25, 1913.
He deserted from his barracks in WWI, was jailed when captured. He remained in prison until 1921, this was his longest sentence to date.
Maria Kuhn, survived after being stabbed repeatedly by Kurten-- she had 24 individual wounds.
9 year old Rosa Ohliger-- Stabbed 13 times, he climaxed during the brutal attack, then dumped her body under a hedge and tried to set it on fire to destory the evidence. He returned to the scene of the crime.
By August 1929 a strange series of stragulations and stabbings occured.
He enjoyed the mass panick from his attacks.
Peter Kurten was born in Cologne, Germany May 26, 1883.
He was the oldest of thirteen children.
His father was an alcoholic, abused his mother and all the children.
They all lived in a one room apartment for the duration of his life.
He was subjected to sexual violence daily.
At the age of nine peter had an unhealthy relationship with a dog catcher who lived in his building. The man introduced peter to the practice of

mainly carried out on dogs.
He claimed to have killed two of his friends from school at the age of nine.
He matured sexually , His bestiality went up into sheep, goats and other farm animals.
He discovered pleasure when stabbing the animal during intercourse.
Peter Kurten
" The Vampire of Dusseldorf"
In 1899 he began to progess to petty crimes at the age of 16.
He ran away from home to escape the violence.
His petty crimes lead to the first of many short prison sentences.
The horrible conditions in prison proved he was sadistic, and that transferred him from farm animals to
Peter found out, that he had a fascination for
acts while in was in solitary confinement.
He broke rules in prison to make sure he could be in solitary confinement as long as possible, because it helped his fantasies.
Called to service at the start of WWI.
Maintained a fond attachment to his wife.
He knew he'd be caught.
He devised a plan for his wife so she'd be financially stable after his arrest. He insisted after revealing to her that he was "The Dusseldorf Vampire", that she would receive a large reward for turning him into the police.
On May 24, 1930 Peter's wife turned him over to the police like he told her to.
He told very detailed accounts of his crimes, after his arrest.
His Trial was on April 13, 1931.
Charged with nine murders and seven attempted murders.
It took two month of questioning and damning litany evidence ,to cause him to admit to his guilt.
He claimed that his childhood and German penal system was to blame for what he did and had urges to do.
Showed no remorse.
It took the jury only 90 minutes to convict him guilty on all counts.
He received nine death sentences.
Peter Kurten was executed on July 2,1931 by Guillotine in Cologne, Germany.
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