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APUSH Movie Project

A movie project for our APUSH class at AKHS on decades and movies associated with them.

Meredith Morrow

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of APUSH Movie Project

APUSH Movie Project Meredith Morrow Katie Dechant Nandini Vadlamani 1960s 1990s 2000s Apollo 13 begins with Tom Hanks watching the Apollo 11 landing and dreaming of walking on the moon himself one day. He soon finds out he has been put in charge of the Apollo 13 mission. After they have begun the journey through space, there is a major explosion in the oxygen and fuel tanks. They are forced to continue on their course, using the moon’s gravity to ricochet them back to Earth. To conserve fuel, they turn off all of their computers, leaving them in the dark, freezing ship for an entire week. They must use their limited resources to build an air purifier and correct their course for a safe landing in the ocean. Finally, they enter the Earth’s atmosphere, hoping that their damaged heat shields will withstand the landing. Against all odds, they touch down in the Pacific Ocean and are rescued by NASA. • Story about a man named Soloman Vandy who is taken from his village in Shenge by the RUF or the Revolutionary United Front (RUF)
• Soloman is captured by the RUF and instead of being killed he is forced to work for the RUF
• Soloman is enslaved to work as a miner in the diamond fields
• His son Dia is also captued by the RUF and is brainwashed to fight for them. • Basically, One day Soloman finds a pink diamond that he buries in the ground nearby during a massacre
• Danny Archer (Leanardo DeCarprio) – smuggler who smuggles diamonds to Liberia.
• He and Soloman meet up and Archer tells Solomon that if he leads him to the diamond he will help him find his family.
• Story is about how Soloman is reunited with his family and how Archer gets to the diamond * Main concerns in the film is that members of the RUF organization command blacks to mine for diamonds and they use those diamonds in exchange for weapons.
* Soloman Vandy – Vandy and Archer partner up to find the rest of his family and find the diamond that Soloman hid. Soloman’s separation from the rest of his family shows how Africans did not get to live without being harassed. Main Concerns of the Film Summary Summary P Shenge War. RUF versus the government of Shenge. E S G Diamonds in the Shenge were worth a lot. So more diamonds found by the RUF the more weapons that they could buy cause diamonds led to more money. The 1990’s was marked by a period of diseases such as Aids, and poor living conditions for African in many countries. In Blood Diamond, the Africans had very poor conditions and they were brainwashed to join the RUF to get a better life through violence. A In the film, the tribal music of Shenge is part of the soundtrack. Shenge is located where a lot of diamonds can be found. P E S I A G The Space Race was a major part of the Cold War. NASA was funded by the United States government and large amounts of money went towards building rockets. Cold War was not really a war but a social division. The United States was trying to beat the Soviets in all aspects, including space exploration. The further development of outer space travel and scientific developments associated with the space missions. The film dramatized the return of the astronauts to Earth and over simplified their predicament. The film took place in Florida, Houston, the orbit around the Moon, and the Pacific Ocean. While it did not occur in the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union played a large role in the Apollo 13 mission. P E R S Apollo 13 Blood Diamond Loose Change The main subject of the documentary is the 9/11 attacks which started a war between the United States and Afghanistan. This documentary accuses the United States government of conspiring against the people. The documentary accuses the government of staging 9/11 to protect foreign interests in the Middle East, specifically oil. Islamic vs Christian Most people reject conspiracy theories about 9/11 because 9/11 caused pain for the entire nation. Loose Change is a documentary that argues that the 9/11 attacks were not terrorist acts, but rather planned events carried out by the United States government. *Says the hole in the Pentagon and recovered parts were not consistent with what would be expected from a 757 plane.
*Argues that the World Trade Centers collapsed from a series of explosives placed in the buildings, not the actual plane crashes.
*Claims Flight 93, the flight crashed by passengers, was secretly landed at Cleveland Hopkins Airport where passengers were evacuated. Summary Main Claims *Larry Silverstein
*Bush administration Who Would Benefit? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1990s
AMSCO- United States History
American Pageant Sources Kimberley Process Certification Scheme
a. World Diamond Congress adopted at Antwerp a resolution to strengthen the
diamond industry’s ability to block sales of conflict diamonds.
• Diamond Revenue in Africa went up from 10 million to 130 million during this time.
• United States experienced longest period of economic expansion
• Acts such as the Welfare Reform act of 1990 Lead to reduction of poverty in the United
• North America Free Trade Agreement which phases out trade barriers between the United
States, Mexico, and Canada signed into law by U.S. Bill Clinton.
• Natural Resources aid in the development of war Oil in the Iraq war and diamonds in the
Sierra Leone Civil War which is depicted in the Blood Diamond Madrid Train Bombings Mexican Drug War Japan earthquake- Nuclear Power Osama Bin Laden killed Serbia and Montenegro split Controversial 2000 election Barack Obama Fidel Castro replaced by brother Hurricane Katrina H1N1 virus Health Care Bill Oil price increases iPod Google Facebook Social Networking Smart phones Bank mergers Government bailout Human Genome Project completed Virginia Tech Avatar Michael Phelps I A G American Idol Reality Television Mosque in NYC
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