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Year 7 Spanish Detective Project lessons 1-3

No description

Simon Floyd

on 6 September 2015

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Transcript of Year 7 Spanish Detective Project lessons 1-3

Detective College:
Look at the cards on your table: can you match the English words to the Spanish words?

¿Qúe vamos a aprender? los detectives

Cognates and
False Friends
¿Cómo se dice en
Breaking Codes
Some more codes to
help you with
your investigation!
False friends
Sometimes a Spanish word looks like an English word but it means something completely different!

Listen carefully to find out how to use a bilingual dictionary correctly.
*tion* in English is often *ción* in Spanish

Can you break the code?
la nación
la estación
la fracción
la publicación
la información
la producción
la mencíon

Make a note of these
codes and then see if you can crack the codes on your worksheet:

ción = tion
f = ph

dad = ty
t = th

mente = ly
ología = ology
oso = ous

1 foto
2 libertad
3 autoridad
4 teatro
5 teoría
6 rápidamente
7 normalmente
8 generalmente
9 frecuentamente
10 ecología
11 arqueología
12 famoso
13 nervioso
14 precioso

liberty (freedom)
rapidly (quickly)
What do you think the word 'la sopa' means. Use your dictionary to find out why you wouldn't want to wash with 'sopa'.
sopa = soup!! embarazada = pregnant!!

¿Qué es en inglés?
la carpeta once
la tuna comer
la arena el gato
la ropa simpático
leer ser
Extension: Can you find any more false friends?
Extension: Why won't men be 'embarazada' in Spanish?
El hotel es moderno.
El estudiante estudia en la universidad
El actor famoso está en el teatro.
Un elefante normalmente es enorme
El hamster
es blanco.
Are you a top detective?

What is a cognate?
What is a false friend?


Understand what COGNATES are
Work out the meaning of some Spanish words

Be able to give some examples of COGNATES
Know what FALSE FRIENDS are

Be able to give some examples of FALSE FRIENDS
Begin to develop dictionary skills

Learn my first Spanish words

Code breaking

(don’t give up even if it’s hard!)

el hospital

el animal

el adulto

el chocolate
la fruta
la lista
el círculo

el actor

la familia

la universidad
la radio
la televisión
Now try the 'Breaking the Code' worksheet
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