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DeCaro Ch. 10

No description

Laura Neuffer

on 16 October 2015

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Transcript of DeCaro Ch. 10

DeCaro Ch. 10
Group Goal Setting

Why set goals?
Achieve more

Improve self-confidence

Increase morale (members' satisfaction)

Increase motivation to succeed

Measure work
Leadership Tips
Individualize reinforcement
Avoid overgeneralizing
Use immediate reinforcement
Set short-term goals
Complex / Challenging Goals
Allow plenty of time to accomplish complex goals. Set deadlines - appropriate amount of pressure, while still achievable.

Feel stressed? Might be too complex / unrealistic. Reassess and modify your goals if necessary.
Strategic Planning
Goal Achievement
Break down into
action points

Distribute responsibilities
(volunteers are better than assignments)

Check in / track progress

Strategic planning
Locke's Goal-Setting Theory
1. Set clear and specific goals
2. Difficult but attainable
3. Focus on participative vs. assignment goals
4. Frequent feedback about work
How to give feedback on goals
Schedule time once a week to analyze your progress and accomplishments. Look at what has and hasn't worked, and make adjustments along the way.

Use technology to track and measure your progress. Google Docs a good place to start.
1. Determine where you are
2. Identify what's important
3. Define what you must achieve
(action points)
4. Determine who is accountable
5. Review, review, review
First Steps
Understand the charge

Charge = assignment given by a higher authority

Set checkpoints

Checkpoints = Predetermined achievements the group should accomplish by specified times.
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