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Crime and Deviance - Laura Gamble

Social Artifacts and Pictures Write-Up (In order of appearance) Sources and image-to-number reference on Blackboard. Social Artifact # 1: I wanted to do something involving what people think about deviance and crime, and the first thing I thought of w

Laura Gamble

on 15 October 2010

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Transcript of Crime and Deviance - Laura Gamble

Crime and Deviance A condition A violation can be... a belief a behavior ex: bigger or smaller than normal. ex: following a minority religion ex: actions that are differnt from the norm. Deviance can be... positive... or negative. overachieving underachieving What is "deviant" changes through
time and culture. violates social norms formal violates laws, resulting in crime Violations can be... informal What is deviant to some, is normal to another. Second Burial Crime is... How much crime is there? In 2006 out of 15 million crimes... 88% property thefts
19% property crimes
13% drug abuse violations
4% violent crimes Who are its victims? Anyone, but young African American men living in poor urban areas are most at risk. Who are the offenders? 76% Men
----70% White
----28% Black Young men (18-24) commit 46% of crimes Functionalist Perspectives on Deviance and Crime Functional Affirm cultural values/norms Trigger social change Dysfunctional Creates tension and insecurity Damage confidence in institutions reading = good grades = success Sitting and taking pictures of people is a deviant behavior - the subjects may become nervous. band togehter for a cause Deviance is... violation of a social norm. violation of laws read article at http://kezi.com/news/local/168568
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