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Qin Dynasty

No description

Josh Halprin

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Qin Dynasty

Ancient China Dynasties (Qin Dynasty)
Boys were trained to be warriors and get educated. Girls weren't educated and were trained to be wives. Some people were cotton weavers, others were merchants who sold goods in their shops. People in the Qin Dynasty also sold rice, delivered goods, and wrote books. There were land owners who owned land and slaves who worked on the land.

By:Andrea Sandoval
Question :Explain any types of technology they developed ?
Qin Shihuangdi has developed currency, or type of money, that everyone had to use. They he has also ordered ten thousands of farmers to build palaces, roads, dams, and huge canals. These canals connecetd from Chang Jiang to Guangzhou. QIn Shihuangdi transported supplies on the canals to soldiers in distant territories.

By: Oliver Crawford
Question : Explain what they traded and who they traded with ?
The Qin dynasty traded with the people of Roman empire,and other places. They traded oils, copper, siliver,grains, gold, leopard skins, tusks, and food for materials such as tea,and silk Europeans didn't have this so it became a luxury in trade. They traded on the Silk Road where they encountered many other civilizations. This greatly benefited china later on. Most trade in the Qin dynasty was internal because of the desert and mountain borders.
Question : Explain Things People Bought and Sold
Explain The Main Ideas Of The Dynasty
Question :Explain the types of jobs people had?
By: Daniel Popa
People in the Qin dynasty bought and sold land, weapons, tools, and silk if they could afford it. Most expensive items such as silk only aristocrats can buy. Others such as weapons and tools can be bought by commoners and peasants which made up 90% of the Qin's population. Farmers divided their land amung their sons so they sold land if they couldn't afford their families and worked as tenant farmers for aristocrats.
By Josh Halprin
The Qin wanted to strengthen and unify China. They
ruled China with absolute control and harsh punishments. The Qin built the Great Wall Of China to
unite diffrent parts of China into one empire. The Gobi desert protected the Qin from one side from nomads and the Great Wall from another side protected them.
Soon after Qin died the people revolted because of the harsh punishments and then fighting erupted. The main idea was that they had harsh rules and punishments. They also belived that with the protection of the Gobi desert and Great Wall they could stop the Xiongnu.

By: Brian Kraja
Spielvogel, J., McTighe, J., Fisher, D., Frey, N., & Dinah, Z. (2012). Discovering our past a history of the world . colombus, ohio: McGraw hill.
by Daniel Popa
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