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Punk Music : Late 60's to Now

The history of punk music and how it came about. Also the type of bands that fit the description of Punk.

candace cox

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Punk Music : Late 60's to Now

By Candace Cox Punk Music Roots of Punk Punk music started in Detroit, Michigan and New York in the mid to late 60's. This genre of music was created by the band MC3 and The Stooges in Detroit (1969) while in new York The Velvet Underground and Nico (1967) were starting. Then & Now Styles of Punk Target Audience The target audience for this genre of music are 10- to 25 year old people, and basically any youth that is interested in grunge and punk fashion with loud and straight to the point lyrics about life and politics. Genre Description Many have said that punk music is a freedom of speech for the youth, and tells you to be your own person and never follow in someones shadow. It's a way to remind yourself to always be independent. It's an expression of art, and the ability to free yourself from one mindset. Punk music and the artists want you to be unique and not be satisfied with the norm of life. Artist Samples The Clash
The Ramones
The Sex Pistols
Alkaline Trio
My Chemical Romance
Fall Out Boy Punk vs. Metal Punk can be described as garage rockabilly music played by anarchists who nurture a tacky, tongue-in-cheek thing for the old rock-n-rollers of the mid 50's. Punk gets labeled 'stark' or 'minimalist', and also contains more "open space" and less length. Instruments Used in Punk Electric Guitars
Electric Bass
And vocals
(if you count that as an instrument) The music from the 60's was mainly started by garage bands and used little instruments or vocals. It was often raw, political and crude music with violent concerts. Punk now has become mainstream by trying not to be mainstream. the bands must either play for themselves and risk losing a contract deal or just playing for a contract. Many punk bands today will have more live concerts than they will releasing a new single. Punk can be depicted as a fashion or
style where they have spiked hair, ripped clothing, choker necklaces and anything with spikes on it (belts, bracelets, shoes, etc...) they've also been known to have outrageous or rebellious looking piercings. Punk Present in 2013 Green Day
The Misfits
Minor threat
Bad Religion
The Adolescents Target Audience Influences in Media Today Future of Punk Punk rock exploded in London in 1975 after the formation of The Sex Pistols. They had created inspiration for other small bands to form and play punk music. While Metal can be described as Technicolor Blues that Early Metalheads strived to master 12-bar, and 6-Chord Blues Masters of the Mississippi Delta. Metalheads also revere skill and showmanship over straightforwardness, Metal is often described as convoluted, byzantine and busy. Metal songs tend to be longer in length than Punk songs anywhere from 2'20" to 4'7". Metal also requires at least 4 members (drummer, lead guitar, rhythm guitar and a bassist) whereas Punk suggests a "power trio" (preferably a drummer and a bassist plus at least one other instrument.) PUNK - Dead Kennedy's Metal-Iron Maiden The Clash Should I Stay or Should I Go The Misfits Astro Zombies The rebellion of punk music and the fashion, style, random outbursts and freedom of expression and speech have basically stayed the same in punk but has been modified a bit by each generation. Fashion
Tattoos Green Day's song '21 Guns' was played briefly in the movie Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. 'I Dont Care' was used in Sex Drive and 'Dance, Dance' was played in the movie "American Pie" both songs by FOB. Punk isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Though the sub genres may change along with fashion and the piercing and crazy hairstyle stage, the bands will always be around and continue to make a punk music move on the world and its pop culture. The t.v. show "Enterouge" plays the song 'Minor Threat' by the band Minor Threat.
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